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Arena Centre
Developing as a UCL Supervisor
Information Services
DA: Authoring assessment on AssessmentUCL (Author role)
DA: Managing assessment on AssessmentUCL (Manager role)
DA: Marking and feedback on AssessmentUCL (Assessor role)
DA: Reconciling, moderating and reviewing marking on AssessmentUCL (Reviewer)
DLE: An Introduction to Lecturecast
DLE: Getting Started with Moodle - Online
DLE: Hands on with Moodle assignment
DLE: Hands on with Turnitin assignment
DLE: Lecturecast - dynamic teaching using the ALP tools
DSD: A Quick Introduction to UNIX
DSD: Advanced statistics with Excel 2016
DSD: An Introduction to R with Rstudio (Campus-based)
DSD: An Introduction to R with Rstudio - Part 1 (Remote classroom)
DSD: An Introduction to R with Rstudio - Part 2 (Remote classroom)
DSD: An Introduction to R with Rstudio - Part 3 (Remote classroom)
DSD: An Introduction to R with Rstudio - Part 4 (Remote classroom)
DSD: Basic image editing using free tools
DSD: Basic video editing using iMovie on a Mac
DSD: Blogging with Reflect (WordPress-based) - Workshop
DSD: Charting with Excel 2016
DSD: Creating Accessible documents with LaTeX
DSD: Creating Infographics using free web-based tools
DSD: Creating accessible PowerPoint presentations
DSD: Creating accessible Word documents
DSD: Data Manipulation in R with Rstudio
DSD: Data Visualization in R with ggplot2
DSD: Digital book making
DSD: Excel Essential Skills programme (self-paced) - Orientation
DSD: Excel Essential Skills programme (self-paced) - Worksheet 1 Review
DSD: Excel Essential Skills programme (self-paced) - Worksheet 2 Review
DSD: Excel Essential Skills programme (self-paced) - Worksheet 3 Review
DSD: Excel tips and tricks
DSD: Filming advice for a short film
DSD: Further UNIX
DSD: Getting Started with Markdown
DSD: Getting Started with SPSS
DSD: Getting Started with Stata - Part 1 (Orientation and materials)
DSD: Getting Started with Stata - Part 2 (Using Stata)
DSD: Getting Started with Stata - Part 3 (Scripting techniques)
DSD: Getting Started with Stata - Part 4 (Modelling and reporting)
DSD: Immersive Reader for Microsoft Online apps
DSD: In a Nutshell: Excel functions we should all know
DSD: In a Nutshell: Starting an Nvivo Project
DSD: In an Nutshell: Better Tables in Markdown
DSD: Inspiration: Mind mapping tool - an overview demo
DSD: Intermediate statistics with Excel 2016
DSD: Introducing Scratch
DSD: Introduction to Matlab
DSD: Introduction to REDCap for research (demo and Q&A)
DSD: Introduction to Stop Motion Animation
DSD: Kick-starting your literature review
DSD: LaTeX: Demo of Overleaf
DSD: LaTex with NatBib
DSD: Make a short film using your iPhone
DSD: Managing Long Documents in Word 2016
DSD: Managing your digital profile and social media presence
DSD: Mentimeter: Encourage online student interaction
DSD: Microsoft Forms Demo
DSD: Microsoft Teams Introduction (Prerequisite Course for Advanced Workshops)
DSD: Microsoft Teams Workshop 1: Beyond Basics Overview
DSD: Microsoft Teams Workshop 2: Managing & Participating in Meetings
DSD: Microsoft Teams Workshop 3: Document Management and Collaboration
DSD: Microsoft Teams Workshop 4: Forms Polling in Channels, Chats and Meetings
DSD: OneDrive for sharing files
DSD: OneNote 2016 - Workshop
DSD: OneNote 2016 Digital notebook overview - Demo
DSD: Online social interaction platforms
DSD: Pivot Tables in Excel - Demo
DSD: Pivot Tables in Excel - Workshop
DSD: Planning a short film
DSD: Podcasting made easy - workshop
DSD: Read&Write: Text-to-speech software - an overview
DSD: Record a narration over your PowerPoint on a PC
DSD: Software for Success: Winning with charts
DSD: Software for success: Data analysis & statistical tools
DSD: Software for success: Working with Bibliography and Citation Apps
DSD: Software for success: Writing tools
DSD: Styles and table of contents in Word - Demo
DSD: Styles and table of contents in Word - Workshop
DSD: Sway, Microsoft's modern presentation tool - Demo
DSD: Sway, Microsoft's modern presentation tool - Workshop
DSD: Think like a computer programmer
DSD: Use online whiteboards to encourage student interaction
DSD: Using Padlet to support student collaboration
DSD: VLookup in Excel - workshop
DSD: Video editing with Adobe Spark
DSD: Video editing with iMovie
DSD: Word tips and tricks
DSD: XMind mind mapping tool - workshop
UCL Information Security Awareness training staff and students - self-paced
Organisational Development
Adapting to Hybrid Working
Balancing Research and Life
Balancing Your Competing Commitments
Belong at UCL - Research Staff Welcome
Belong at UCL: Live Q&A for New Starters
Belong at UCL: Self-Paced
Bias and Hybrid Working
Building Emotional Connections On-line
Change possible: Be part of a sustainable UCL - self-paced
Coping with Loss
Courageous Conversations Series
Creating Inclusive Approaches to Involving a Diverse Group of People in Research
Creativity In Research
Development Conversations - Self-Paced
Disclosing and Managing Conflicts of Interest - self-paced
Empowered Interactions: How to Enhance Your Professional Relationships
Essential Skills for Being More Assertive
Experiencing and Managing Change - self-paced
Financial Wellbeing: Foundation
Financial Wellbeing: Investments & Pensions
Financial Wellbeing: Protection
Freedom of Information - Self-Paced
From Research Questions to Publication: A Strategic Approach
Fundamentals in Research Funding Management - self-paced
Fundraising for Public Engagement
GDPR Online Training for All Staff - Self-Paced
GDPR Online training refresher course (Staff) - self-paced
HR Systems Training - using the online recruitment system (ROME)
Heads of Departments Leadership Development Induction
How to Build Compassionate Resilience?
Imposter Phenomenon: Deeper Dive
Imposter Phenomenon: Introduction
Industry Academia Partnerships
Introduction To Impactful Presentations
Introduction to Facilitation Skills
Introduction to Generating Grant Funding
Introduction to Handling Conflict
Introduction to Prevent at UCL - self-paced
Introduction to Public Engagement: Skills and Practice
Introduction to Research Impact
Introduction to coaching skills (for every day)
Leading Wellbeing Conservations
Longitudinal Data Analysis
Managing Complex and Multiple Research Projects
Mental Health Aware
Mental Health First Aid Aware
Mixed Mental Arts: Webinar Series
MyHR Department Transactions Training
Navigating Professional Setbacks
Networking Naturally
Overcoming Low Confidence
Planning for Research Impact
Practicing Facilitation Skills
Practising Conflict Handling
Practising Impactful Presentations
Pre-retirement Planning - Financial
Pre-retirement Planning - Lifestyle
Preparing for a Career Break
Productivity and Managing Your Workload
Professional Research Conduct and Behaviour
Project Management Essentials
Public Engagement as a Pathway to Impact
Recruitment Essentials - self-paced
Research Ethics
Research Methods for Quantitative Data
Research Project Management in an Uncertain World
Risk Management Essentials
Senior Leaders Induction
Sleep Strategies
Staff Online Diversity Training - Self-paced
Students' Consumer Rights
Sustainability in Science
Sweet Dreams: Cultivating Strategies for a Restful Sleep
Teaching with External Communities
Techniques for Managing Stress
The Brilliant Club: Communicating Complex Concepts to a Non-Expert Audience
The Brilliant Club: Information Session
The Brilliant Club: Planning Engaging and Interactive Sessions
The Writing Series: Choosing a Journal
The Writing Series: Editing for Publication
The Writing Series: Format your thesis (Mac)
The Writing Series: Healthy Writing habits
The Writing Series: Maintaining Momentum (Part 1 and Part 2)
The Writing Series: Peer Review
The Writing Series: Self-Editing (Part 1 and Part 2)
The Writing Series: Structure, Title and Abstract
The Writing Series: Writing and Publishing a Research Paper
The Writing Series: Writing, Style and Process
Tips for Working from Home
UCL Data Protection for Researchers and Students (PhD) - self-paced
UCL Data Protection for Undergraduate and MA students - self-paced
UCL Safeguarding Training - self-paced
Unconscious Bias - self-paced
Understanding Statistical Concepts in Research
Understanding and Protecting Intellectual Property
Welcome To Leadership - Chapter 1
Welcome To Leadership - Chapter 2
Welcome To Leadership - Chapter 3
What I want my colleagues to know about menopause - self-paced
Women in Research Conference
Women in Research Masterclass 2: Creating and Nurturing Effective Collaboration
Women in Research Masterclass 3: How to get heard, noticed and listened to
Women in Research: small-group coaching 3
Working Smarter - Series Overview
Working Smarter: Inbox Zero
Working Smarter: Rapid Iteration
Working Smarter: Regain Control
Working Smarter: Saying No
Working with the Voluntary Community
Safety Services
Accident Investigation - self-paced
Appointed Person (Statutory Testing) - Lifting Equipment and Pressure Systems
Appointed Person (Statutory Testing) ? Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV)
Assessment of Display Screen Equipment - self-paced
Assessment of Display Screen Equipment Advanced Workshop
Awareness of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems - self-paced
Basic X-ray Physics - Self-paced
Carriage of Diagnostic & Infectious Substances by Air
Connecting Regulators & Safe Cylinder Set-up
Emergency First Aid at Work
Fire Safety - self-paced
First Aid Annual Skills Update - Self-paced
First Aid at Work
First Aid at Work Requalification
Health and Safety in Animal Facilities - self-paced
Introduction to Safety Management Systems - self-paced
Laser Safety Awareness - self-paced
Management of X-rays - self-paced
Manual Handling and Lifting
Mobile Access Towers Training (PASMA)
Organisational Resilience and Business Continuity Management at UCL - self-paced
Oxy-Fuel Gases Set up and Pre-use Check
Principles and Practice of Biosafety - self-paced
Principles of Laboratory Safety at UCL - self-paced
Principles of Radiation Safety (SHURS) - self-paced
Principles of Risk Assessment - self-paced
Radiation Protection Supervisors (Unsealed Radioactive Sources)
Radiation Protection Supervisors (X-ray)
Return to UCL Induction - self-paced
Risk Assessment for Fieldwork
Risk Assessment for Workshop Users
Risk Assessment for the Laboratory
Safe Decanting of Liquid Nitrogen
Safe Handling of Unsealed Radioactive Sources
Safe Moving and Handling of People
Safe Use of Abrasive Wheels
Safe Use of Fire Extinguishers
Safe Use of Slings, Hoists and Mechanical Aids
Safe Use of X-rays - self-paced
Safety Competence - self-paced
Safety Information and Reporting - self-paced
Safety Responsibilities and Support - self-paced
Safety Risk Management - self-paced
Train the Trainer - CL3 Spillage Emergencies
Train the Trainer - Face Fit Tester - Part 1
UCL Safety Induction - self-paced
Using Gas Cylinders Safely Within Universities
Using Liquid Nitrogen Safely within Universities
Using Oxy Fuel Gases Safely Within Universities

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