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UCL Safeguarding Training - self-paced
Course Description:
Safeguarding endeavours `to protect from maltreatment, to prevent impairment of under 18?s mental and physical health or development. To ensure safe and effective care to enable best outcomes. This course will take roughly 45 minutes to complete. A PDF version of the course can be found in the resources section and this is also available as a podcast.

You will cover the following modules: 

  1. Legal background
  2. Recognising abuse
  3. Institutional abuse
  4. Responding to abuse
  5. Disclosure
  6. Whistle Blowing
  7. Prevent
Intended Audience:
Target Audience: UCL Staff only
17/03/2021 -  (Enrol between 17/03/2021 and Open) Enrol

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