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DSD: User Access and Multiple Instruments in REDCap
Course Description:

This session demonstrates the use of multiple survey instruments in REDCap, and assigning access for different users so they have access to the data they need. Randomisation and arms will be discussed.

For this reason, it is best you have some experience using REDCap. This is a hands-on session. It is best you have access to REDCap to learn as you work on example data. Standard REDCap in UCL is used for the hands-on.

After you have registered for this course, further information will be sent to you with instructions on setting up example data.


"DSD: Introduction to REDCap for research" is recommended. The session will not address other features of REDCap and will proceed immediately to the topic of training.


Once you have enrolled, please check that you have received a confirmation email from MyLearning. You will also receive an email with a joining link at least one day before the session.

Courses start on the hour but please join during the 5 minutes prior to this to download resources and test out your connection/audio.

For more details on how to book, cancel and join sessions please visit our practical course information page .


At the end of this course, you will be able to: (a) explain the different ways user access can be set up in REDCap projects, (b) set up users with different access to data, (c) explain the purpose of randomisation, and (d) manage data collections using arms.

Intended Audience:
Staff and students
Target Audience: All
15/02/2023 - 15/02/2023  (Enrol between 21/11/2022 and 13/02/2023) Enrol

31/05/2023 - 31/05/2023  (Enrol between 17/02/2023 and 29/05/2023) Enrol

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