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Desktop@UCL Anywhere

Desktop@UCL Anywhere is a service that allows remote access to UCL resources for staff and students. All you need is a valid UCL user ID and password, an internet connection and supported web browser.

Important notice – please read

Changes to Desktop@UCL Anywhere (updated 1 May 2020)

There is increased demand for the Desktop@UCL Anywhere service at this time. This is affecting performance of the service, causing some activities to take longer than expected. If you are having trouble accessing Desktop@UCL Anywhere, it might be possible for you to use another service to complete your work tasks e.g. Outlook Web Access for email and Office 365 to create and edit documents.

See Remote working – tools and best practice for available alternatives.

Changes to Desktop@UCL Anywhere (updated 1 May 2020)

In order to make Desktop@UCL Anywhere work for as many people as possible the below changes have been made:

  • Disconnected session timeout increased to 4 hours (previously 1.5 hours)
  • Disconnected session CPU usage capped to 1%
  • Per process CPU usage capped to 50% (previously 25%)

Please note: This page will be kept up to date if and when other measures are introduced. Please check back here before reporting a fault.

Good practice

To help minimise performance issues you can:

  • Open applications only when you need them – save your work and close applications as you go
  • Where possible use applications installed on your local computer (e.g. Outlook and Teams)
  • Logoff your session when you are finished
Software available in Desktop@UCL Anywhere

Most software that is available on staff and cluster room devices is available on Desktop@UCL Anywhere. For more details see UCL's Software Database.

Please note: It is not possible for a user to install software into the environment by themselves.
If the application you desire is not available within Desktop@UCL Anywhere, please raise a service request with IT Services by calling 020 7679 5000 (internal: 25000)

Access Desktop@UCL Anywhere

For the best Desktop @ UCL Anywhere experience we recommend downloading and installing Citrix Workspace (formerly Citrix Receiver) before you log in.

Download and install Citrix Workspace

Log in to Desktop@UCL Anywhere

Can't install Citrix Workspace?

If you are unable to install Citrix Workspace on your computer or device then alternatively you can access Desktop@UCL Anywhere directly from your web browser.

You will need to ensure your computer/device is running a supported web browser.

Please note: Without Citrix Workspace installed you will be running the 'light' version of Desktop @ UCL so some features may not be available.

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