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DSD: A Quick Introduction to UNIX (Campus-based)
Course Description:

This face-to-face, Bloomsbury campus-based course is designed as a beginner's guide to the Unix and Linux operating systems.

If you are already familiar with the UNIX command line, this course is not likely to be suitable.

Because of its in-built strengths in network computing, multi-threading, multi-user computing Unix forms one of the backbone technologies of the World Wide Web and as Linux is becoming increasingly popular as an operating system on desktop computers. The course covers the most basic and frequently used Unix / Linux commands and introduces important concepts in security and managing your computing environment.

This is a three hour classroom based, practical course that takes place in a public cluster room on campus.


Once you have booked on the course you will be able to access all of the online materials in our Moodle course.


Once you have enrolled, please check that you have received a confirmation email from MyLearning. You will also receive an email with location details at least one day before the session.

Please arrive 10 - 15 minutes prior to the start of the course to allow time for logging in and downloading resources.

For more details on how to book, cancel and join sessions please visit our practical course information page .

At the end of this course you will be able to:
  • Explain what Unix/Linux is
  • List some distributions of Unix/Linux
  • Explain how Unix stores files
  • Explain how variables are related to shells
  • Use appropriate commands to identify present directory and change directory
  • Use appropriate commands to view contents of current directory
  • Use appropriate commands to create and delete directories
  • Use appropriate commands to create, move, rename and delete files
  • Use appropriate commands to preview files
  • Use regular expressions to search files for a specified string
  • Use appropriate commands to redirect output
  • Explain file and directory access permissions
  • Use appropriate commands to amend access permissions to files and directories
  • Use a simple text editor
  • Create and execute a simple script
Intended Audience:
This course is aimed at those wishing to familiarise themselves with the Unix operating system and to learn basic Unix commands.
Target Audience: All
Course Contact: Digital Skills Development isd-digiskills@ucl.ac.uk
Further Information: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/isd/services/learning-teaching/learning-teaching-services/digital-skills-development/digital-skills
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