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Connecting Regulators & Safe Cylinder Set-up
Course Description:

This practical course is for everyone at UCL who uses and handles cylinder gases needs to understand the hazards and risks associated with their use and be able to correctly and safely connect gas control equipment. This course enables gas users to correctly connect regulators in a safe and competent manner.


You must have successfully completed the eLearning course Using Gas Cylinders Safely Within Universities before attending this practical workshop. Please contact safeytraining@ucl.ac.uk for details on how to access this eLearning course.
. Please note that the course on 20 October 2021 is only for MSSL staff.

This practical workshop covers the following topics and activities:

  • Design, construction and operation of different types of gases
  • How to correctly identify gas cylinders
  • How to identify the potential hazards and defects in gas regulators
  • Understanding how to correctly fit a regulator to a cylinder valve
  • How to correctly leak test a gas system
  • Recognising the hazards involved when handling gas cylinders
  • The need for personal protective equipment

Intended Audience:
All staff and postgraduate students who either use or supervise others who work with cylinder gases and regulators
Target Audience: UCL Staff only
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