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Working Smarter: Rapid Iteration (OD.PD.6214) 
Course Description:

In a large organisation, progress can feel like turning a tanker around. It can feel as if there is never enough time to design and plan changes, so you just keep on using the, same old ways of doing things even though you are fully aware that they are no longer fit for purpose.  

In the tech industry, teams are using new ways of designing, producing and refining as they using an approach known as agile project management.  It’s principles could revolutionise the way you work by supporting your team to make improvements as they go through rapid iteration.  Meaning that new and better ways of working, could be within their reach.

This workshop introduces new ways of thinking that can help you and your team make rapid progress on projects that may have felt too enormous to tackle in the past.

This 60 minute webinar will help you understand the basic principles behind Rapid Iteration and show you how you use it to support your team to make fast progress in improving your ways of working. 

The webinar will cover:

  • Why Rapid Iteration could make a difference for your team
  • Where it comes from and the basic principles of agile project management
  • How rapid iteration works in practice
  • How to make rapid iteration work for you

This is a bite size session and does not provide in depth support for individual circumstances. It works alongside the Working Smarter programme modules.

Working Smarter can be accessed via the HR pages on the UCL website.

You can enrol on the programme here:

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Moyra Scott is Lead Productivity Coach at Then Somehow and co-creator of the Working Smarter programme. She specialises in enabling people to do more great work and take control of their diaries, inboxes and

Intended Audience:
Open to all. Primarily intended for Academic, Technical and Professional Services staff of all grades. It will be of particular interest to managers.
Target Audience: UCL Staff only
07/12/2021 - 07/12/2021  (Enrol between 15/09/2021 and 30/11/2021) Enrol

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