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Safety Risk Management - self-paced
Course Description:

The Safety risk management course is one of six courses in the Safety Risk Management programme.

The course aims to help managers, Principal Investigators (PIs) and supervisors manage the health and safety of the people whose work activities fall within their areas of responsibilities by providing fundamental information, guidance and tools for managing safety risks.

The course contains three sections:
  1. A brief introduction leading to three core learning sections and related topics with information that would help you think about what you?d need to do to fulfil particular aspects of your role as a manager.

    The information is grouped to help you consider your understanding of the subject, whether you need and/or can take an action and, whether it is something that you could do on your own to start with or if it would be better shared with your staff/team.

  2. Resource banks containing the relevant tool(s), guidance, information and advice to help you gather and/or carry out tasks that would help you manage the risk of work activities within your responsibilities.

  3. A ten-question multiple-choice quiz at the end of the course. You must achieve a score of 80% or more to pass and complete the courses in the programme.


To provide guidance and tools that would enable managers:

  • understand their responsibilities for, and to use, a risk-based approach to managing the health and safety of the people and aspects of work activities that are under their control.

  • consider the hazards and the level of risks of the work, the people involved in the tasks and, the appropriate controls to put in place for the risks that have been identified.

  • engage positively with members of their team to improve safe practices by taking the right actions to help and support them in managing the risks of the work activities, especially, where there is a significant change.

Intended Audience:
All UCL staff in a role that has management responsibilities, such as, managers, Principal Investigators, supervisors.
Target Audience: All
01/08/2021 -  (Enrol between 30/07/2021 and Open) Enrol

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