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Oxy-Fuel Gases Set up and Pre-use Check
Course Description:

We are pleased to offer you this practical course which is designed to further your learning by practising the safe set-up, leak test and shut-down of an oxy-acetylene gas system in a practical environment.


You must have successfully completed the eLearning course Using Oxy-Fuel Gases Safely within Universities. Please contact safetytraining@ucl.ac.uk for details on how to access this eLearning course.

This practical instructor led workshop will enable you to:

  • Correctly identify gas cylinders
  • Identify functional differences between regulator types
  • Undertake a pre-use visual check on gas regulators
  • Select and fit the correct flashback arrestors
  • Identify the correct hoses to be fitted
  • Select the correct cutting torch and nozzle
  • Undertake functional tests on regulators
  • Set the correct gas pressures for the nozzle being used
  • Correctly set up an oxy-fuel gas workstation
  • Correctly leak test an oxy-fuel gas workstation
  • Recognise the need for safe shut-down procedures

Intended Audience:
This course is for staff who use oxy-fuel gas systems within the workplace
Target Audience: All
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