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DSD: Software for success: Working with Bibliography and Citation Apps
Course Description:

This short session compares the functionality, ease of learning and institutional support for the different systems for citation and bibliography creation supported at UCL.

This is a one-hour demonstration session delivered remotely.


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Topics covered will include:
  • the functionality of the systems;
  • integration with library and writing tools;
  • the strengths and weaknesses;
  • any specialist uses;
  • ease of learning;
  • institutional support and training.
Intended Audience:
This course is aimed at students who want an overview of the tools that can be used for bibliography and citation to help them make a decision about which one is most suitable for their project.
Target Audience: UCL Students only
Course Contact: Digital Skills Development isd-digiskills@ucl.ac.uk
Further Information: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/isd/services/learning-teaching/learning-teaching-services/digital-skills-development/digital-skills
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