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DSD: VLookup in Excel - workshop
Course Description:

Search specific value in your data to return a value from a corresponding column, optionally specifying exact or approximate match.

The VLookup function in Excel is able to look for a value in a table or range and retrieve some corresponding data. For example, you can use a VLookup formula to look for a particular module code in a table and extract some further information about it, such as how many students are enrolled or the name of the tutor. In this introductory-level session, we will practice several examples of VLookup and take a brief look at HLookup too.

This is a 90-minute workshop delivered remotely.


Familiarity with the Excel interface is required, e.g. use of menus, copying and pasting in cells, and formatting text.

Once you have booked on the course you will be able to access all the online materials in our Digital Skills Development Moodle course.


Once you have enrolled, please check that you have received a confirmation email from MyLearning. You will also receive an email with a joining link at least one day before the session.

Please arrive 5 minutes prior to the start of the course to allow time for logging in and downloading resources.

For more details on how to book, cancel and join sessions please visit our practical course information page.

By the end of the session you will be able to:
  • Apply the VLookup function correctly.
  • Understand when to specify an exact match or approximate match for a value.
  • Work with VLookup across worksheets.
  • Apply the HLookup function.
Intended Audience:
This workshop is aimed at those wishing to learn how to use the VLookUp function in Excel.
Target Audience: All
Course Contact: Digital Skills Development isd-digiskills@ucl.ac.uk
Further Information: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/isd/services/learning-teaching/learning-teaching-services/digital-skills-development/digital-skills
29/05/2024 (13:00PM) - 29/05/2024 (14:30PM)  (Enrol between 16/02/2024 and 27/05/2024) Enrol

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