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Safety Information and Reporting - self-paced
Course Description:

The Safety information and reporting course is one of six courses in the Safety Risk Management programme.

The course aims to help UCL managers, Principal Investigators (PIs) and supervisors manage health and safety of the people whose work activities fall within their areas of responsibilities.

It provides the types of information managers need to know about with guidance, tools, and advice to help them manage, control, record, and report safety risks.

The course has three sections:
  1. A brief introduction to the course leading to three core learning sections and related topics about the types of information and tools that are available for managing health and safety risks.
  2. Resource banks containing the relevant tool(s), guidance, information, and advice to help you gather and/or carry out tasks that would help you manage the risk of work activities within your responsibilities.
  3. A ten-question multiple-choice quiz at the end of the course. You must achieve a score of 80% or more to pass the course.
You can complete the course at your own pace, picking up where you have left off, however, please remember to save the course before you exit.


Learners will have gained understanding of and:

  • be familiar with and able to use a range of UCL and external sources and types of information, advice, and tools for managing health and safety risks, from planning to evaluating the response and recovery from an incident.
  • recognise the use of UCL?s riskNET and the importance of the mandatory modules, e.g., the risk assessment module, for recording and reporting on key risks, safety measures and controls put in place, and demonstrating compliance with safety management systems.
  • appreciate the purpose and use of Target 100 for improving departmental health and safety management performance that has overall impact on UCL management of health and safety.
Intended Audience:
All UCL staff in a role that has management responsibilities, such as, managers, Principal Investigators, supervisors.
Target Audience: All
02/08/2021 -  (Enrol between 02/08/2021 and Open) Enrol

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