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Principles and Practice of Biosafety - self-paced
Course Description:

Laboratory users who are new to work with infectious micro organisms, including genetically modified micro organisms and potentially infectious material (including cell cultures) should attend this eLearning course.

This eLearning module provides a common understanding about sources of infection (including routes of transmission) and what could go wrong if controls are not used or are not used properly.


Completing this course will give you an awareness of the following.

  • Microbiology/micro-organisms
  • Infection - including information about cases of laboratory acquired infections
  • The legal framework

Intended Audience:
This eLearning module is mandatory for all staff and post-graduate students undertaking genetic modification work or work with biological agents for the first time
Target Audience: All
01/01/1951 -  (Enrol between 01/01/1951 and Open) Enrol

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