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Safe Use of X-rays - self-paced
Course Description:

This eLearning course will provide you with a basic introduction to x-rays and enable you to use them safely. It also outlines what you have to do before you can start working with x-rays.


This course will provide x-ray users with an understanding of:

  • The basic principles of what x-rays are, how they work, their energies, relevant units, interactions with matter and their biological effects
  • It outlines the principles for the safe use of x-rays at UCL
  • It explains roles and responsibilities
  • The considerations before use, risk assessment, doses and dose limits, dosimetry, local procedures, dose monitoring, incidents
  • The management of x-rays safely and within the law at UCL
  • The design considerations, setting up x-ray areas /equipment, consultation with competent radiation advisers, maintenance and disposal and local training requirements for users

Intended Audience:
Anyone using or intending to use x-rays equipment at UCL should take this eLearning course
Target Audience: All
01/01/1951 -  (Enrol between 01/01/1951 and Open) Enrol

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