Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


Intrafamily transmission of economic shocks: evidence from mass layoffs in the UK

Carl Singleton, University of Stirling, Michael Simmons, Umeå University and Stephen Kastoryano, Reading

(Project no. 2003228)

This research project, will explore the consequences of coal mine closures on the:

1) Health and social outcomes, and the migration and occupation choices of laidoff coal miners.

2) Health, social outcomes, and occupation choices of adult family members.

3) Outcomes and choices of individuals who were children (below 18) at the time of the closures.

We will use the Office for National Statistics Longitudinal Study, which will allow us to understand how the collapse of an industry has family-specific spillovers, potentially contributing to policy development and improvement of existing policy targeting the buffering of economic shocks and their intergenerational transmission. We will publish the findings in peer reviewed economic journals.