Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


Forecasting future socio-economic inequalities in longevity: the impact of lifestyle “epidemics"

Fanny Janssen, Jesús Zazueta Borboa, Wanda Van Hemelrijck and Eva Kagenaar, Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute

(Proect no. 2000806)

This research aims to estimate future socioeconomic inequalities in life expectancy in England and Wales, using available and to-be-generated knowledge into the impact of lifestyle factors on past trends in socioeconomic inequalities in life expectancy. It will contribute to policy debates and development. Using the ONS Longitudinal Study (LS) the research will examine long-term trends in all-cause and lifestyle-attributable mortality by education level. This will enable us to determine the individual and combined impact of smoking, obesity, and alcohol consumption, relative to other determinants, on past trends in socioeconomic inequalities in life expectancy. In addition, forecasting methods will be developed to forecast inequalities in life expectancy and mortality. This research will advance knowledge on socioeconomic inequalities in longevity; contribute to evidence based priority setting by policymakers; improve the practice of forecasting longevity; and contribute to societal and political debates on health inequalities, future longevity and healthy ageing.