Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


Examining new spatial & social mobilities to understand the shaping of UK geographical inequalities

Nissa Finney, David McCollum, Hill Kulu, University of St Andrews and Eloi Ribe, University of Southampton

(Project no. 2001525)

This study will augment understanding of relationships between social and spatial mobility, and how they shape geographical inequalities. By placing greater nuance than the extant literature on spatial, socioeconomic and sectoral distinctions in who moves residence and how this relates to occupational and economic change, the project will generate new evidence of direct relevance to the current UK government’s ‘levelling up’ agenda. It will build on the existing work on regions to further study the association between residential mobility and occupational mobility and its impact on social and spatial inequalities using linked ONS Longitudinal Study data between 1971 and 2011.