Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


Airborne pollution and lifecycle population health

Gabriella Conti, UCL, Edward Pinchbeck, University of Birmingham, Sefi Roth, LSE and Elisabetta De Cao, LSE

(project no. 2002481)

The overall aim of this project is to generate policy-relevent estimates of the effect of exposure to air pollution on health and economic outcomes in the UK. We will attach newly digitised historical data on air pollution (1914-2019) to the ONS Longitudinal Study members’ birth and residence locations. The work will focus on the effect of early life exposure to pollution on a variety of short and long-term economic and health outcomes. The research will generate new descriptive findings, and will exploit exogenous policy-induced variation from the Clean Air Acts to generate causal estimates, supplementing and expanding upon related recent studies for the UK and US (Isen at al, 2017; Fukushima, 2021).