Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


Paid employment, deprivation and unpaid care work across England and Wales, 2001-2011

Christie Butcher and Andrew Bell, University of Sheffield and Matt Bennett, University of Birmingham

(Project no. 2002529)

The project aim is to identify the association between providing unpaid care and employment, and the effect of sociodemographic and space on its longitudinal association. Using the ONS Longitudinal Study 2001-2011, multilevel regression models will examine this association. Care provision will be measured by hours of care/week, and employment by employment status and hours worked/week. Sociodemographic variables (age, ethnicity, sex, health, social class, household composition) will assess the impact of demographic factors on the results. The research will identify key areas for policy intervention to support unpaid carers balance their caring role and employment, in order to reduce social inequalities and improve the conditions experienced by unpaid carers.