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We enable research using the Office for National Statistics (ONS) Longitudinal Study - the largest nationally representative longitudinal dataset in the UK

Longitudinal studies follow the lives of individuals over a long period of time, showing us how people are affected by changes in society. The ONS Longitudinal Study (LS) contains the census data and some life events data of approximately one million sample members, collected over 40 years. CeLSIUS is funded by the ESRC to provide free support to researchers wishing to use this data.

About the ONS Longitudinal Study

About the ONS LS

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About the ONS Longitudinal Study

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Data dictionary

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New thematic guides to using ONS LS data

There are three new guides, on discrepancy variables, imputation flag variables and international migration data in the LS.


LS shows richer moving picture than Levelling Up White Paper

The Government’s new Levelling Up White Paper focuses attention on trends in the movement of people within the UK. NILS-RSU's Ian Shuttleworth was cited by its authors – and in our latest Linking Our Lives blog, he says longitudinal census data can show us a richer picture than was revealed by the document


Can housing policies affect assimilation of the children of migrants?

Immigrant families often choose to live in neighbourhoods where there are others from similar backgrounds. But does this affect their children’s prospects? Our latest Linking Our Lives blog looks at new research using the ONS LS which suggests policies aimed at desegregating neighbourhoods could make a difference


Moving out to move on: migration, disadvantage and social mobility

In Episode 6 of the Linking our Lives podcast, Dafni Papoutsaki from the University of Brighton talks about her research which used the ONS LS and other secondary data to look at who moves away from where they grow up to try to improve their prospects and the implications of that


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