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Using the ONS Longitudinal Study

ONS Longitudinal Study data is available for free to researchers who can show that their work is in the public interest. In order to maintain the confidentiality of the individuals in the LS data sample, the data can only be accessed in secure settings at ONS offices in London, Newport (South Wales) and Titchfield (Hampshire), and researchers need to apply to use it.

CeLSIUS will guide and support you throughout the application process and whilst you conduct your research. Furthermore, you may send code (e.g. in STATA, SPSS or SAS) to be run in your absence, or discuss with CeLSIUS the outputs that you require (perhaps constructing specimen tables or models) and we will write and run code for you. Also, you may specify an aggregated dataset (which will have a limited number of values) for you to analyse at your place of study/work.

See below for full explanations of how to access and use the ONS Longitudinal Study.


Thinking of using the ONS LS?

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Applying to use the ONS LS

How to access the data


Doing your LS research

Find out what happens once your LS project has been approved


Disseminating your results

What to do when you wish to present or publish the results of your research

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