Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


Want to use the LS for your research?

Tell us your research idea!

Email us at celsius@ucl.ac.uk outlining your research idea, and why you want to use the LS.

We'll check the LS is suitable

We will discuss with you, by email, by phone and/or in person (when possible), the suitability of the LS for your research.

Draft your application

If the LS is suitable, we'll work with you to develop your application. This will involve completing a Research Project Accreditation Application form (with this guidance) and an ONS Longitudinal Study Supplementary form. Drafting your application may take a few weeks.

Information to include: your research abstract, purpose and methodology; details of the datasets required; evidence of ethics consideration (you can use an ethics self-assessment tool); and a detailed list of the LS variables required (which can be viewed in the CeLSIUS data dictionary).

We'll submit your application on your behalf

Once you are happy with your application, and we're confident that your project stands a good chance of approval, we'll transfer it to ONS' online Research Accreditation Service (RAS) on your behalf.

Apply for researcher accreditation

You'll need to hold ONS Researcher Accreditation before using the LS. But if you haven't got this, we'll guide you on applying for it via the Research Accreditation Service whilst your project application is under review.

Answer queries

Researchers are sometimes asked for more details or clarification as the application goes through the various stages of approval at ONS. Again, CeLSIUS will work with you to answer any queries and submit more information if necessary.

Wait for your project to be approved

The final decison on whether to approve a project is made by the Research Accreditation Panel (RAP). It usually takes 2-3 months after the application is submitted to reach the RAP for a final decision.

Access your LS data!

Once your project has been approved, we'll extract the data you require from the LS database and place it in your designated project folder for you to access within a secure research setting.

Doing your LS research explains what happens once your LS research has begun.