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Doing your LS research

Doing your LS research

Once your project has been approved, a CeLSIUS Support Officer will construct your dataset (and amend it if necessary as your study proceeds).

To maintain confidentiality of the individuals in the sample, this dataset can only be accessed from a Secure Research Service safe setting in an ONS office in London (Pimlico), Hampshire (Titchfield) or Wales (Newport). [Please see Using the ONS Longitudinal Study re access to LS data during the COVID-19 pandemic]

To analyse your data, you may send code in STATA to be run in your absence, or discuss with CeLSIUS the outputs that you require (perhaps constructing specimen tables or models) and we will write and run code for you. Or, you may visit an ONS office and analyse your own data. Please email research.support@ons.gov.uk to book a visit in advance in case the safe setting is not available. [Please see Using the ONS Longitudinal Study re access to LS data during the COVID-19 pandemic]

When you want interim research outputs to leave the safe setting, perhaps to work on them on your computer or to show them to other Accredited Researchers on the same project, they will be referred to as 'pre-publication' (formerly 'intermediate') outputs. To maintain the security of the LS all pre-publication outputs are checked by two Support Officers and encrypted before being emailed to users. Pre-publication outputs can only be shown to Accredited Researchers on the same project. Also, you may specify an aggregated dataset (which will have a limited number of values) as a pre-publication level output to help with your analysis outside the safe setting. Individual-level datasets will never be released.

Please note: when your project is complete, after disseminating your results, you should delete all pre-publication outputs from your computer. You may ask ONS to archive copies of your output files to be retrieved at your request at a later date.