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Academic Staff

Permanent Academics

Dr Valentina Arena - Ancient Rome

Dr Paola Ceccarelli - Classical Greece

Dr Lily Chang - East and Southeast Asia

Dr Michael Collins - Britain & Africa

Professor Stephen Conway - Britain & Ireland 

Professor David d'Avray - Medieval Europe 

Professor Margot Finn - Colonial Britain 

Dr Tim Gibbs - Africa

Dr Alex Goodall - U.S. & Latin America 

Dr Angus Gowland - European intellectual history

Professor Catherine Hall - Colonial Britain

Dr Yağmur Heffron - Ancient Middle East

Professor Julian Hoppit - Economic history of Britain

Professor Ben Kaplan - Early modern Europe 

Professor Axel Körner - Transnational history

Dr Jagjeet Lally - India

Dr Patrick Lantschner - Medieval Mediterranean & Near East

Dr Avi Lifschitz - European intellectual history 

Dr Vivienne Lo - China

Professor Nicola Miller - Latin America 

Dr Sophie Page - Medieval Europe

Professor Jason Peacey - Early modern Britain

Dr Thomas Rath - Latin America 

Professor Bernhard Rieger - Modern Europe 

Professor Eleanor Robson - Ancient Near East

Dr John Sabapathy - Medieval Europe

Dr Benet Salway - Ancient Rome

Dr Helga Satzinger - History of science, science and gender studies

Dr Peter Schroder - European political history

Dr Antonio Sennis - Medieval Europe

Dr David Sim - U.S.

Dr Adam Smith - U.S.

Dr Iain Stewart - French history

Dr Melvyn Stokes U.S./Film

Dr Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite - Modern Britain

Dr Ali Coskun Tuncer - Modern economic history

Dr Riet van Bremen - Ancient Greece

Professor Hans van Wees - Ancient Greece 

Emeritus Staff

Professor Kathleen Burk

Professor Michael Crawford

Professor Wendy Davies

Professor David French

Professor Amelie Kuhrt

Professor John North

Professor Nicholas Tyacke

Dr Negley Harte

Dr Andrew Wear

Visiting Staff

Professor Steven Ericson

Honorary Staff

Professor Knud Haakonssen

Professor Iwan Morgan

Professor Karen Radner

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