Riet van Bremen

Senior Lecturer in Ancient History, Riet's research is broadly concerned with the social, political and cultural history of the Hellenistic world, with a particular emphasis on the history and geography of Asia Minor (modern Turkey). She teaches, among others, a survey course on Hellenistic history, a thematic course on the Seleukid Empire and MA options on the Attalid kingdom and Hellenistic epigraphy. Much of her research is based on the study and interpretation of Greek inscriptions and several of her recent publications have an epigraphic focus.

PhD supervision

Riet welcomes PhD projects on any aspect of Hellenistic history, and the history of Greek and Roman Asia Minor.

Recently completed theses: Naomi Carless Unwin, 'Caria and Crete in Antiquity: Cultural interaction between Anatolia and the Aegean' (2012); Jennifer Hicks, 'Hollow archives: Bullae as a source for understanding administrative structures in the Seleukid Empire' (2016); Amelia Dowler (University of Oxford), 'Coinage and Economy in Hellenistic Bithynia' (2019)

Current students: Cristina Gonzalez Mestre, 'Macedonian Military Models in Hellenistic Asia Minor'; Rebecca Daly, W'omen on Kos and their roles in Koan Cults'

Major publications

  • The Limits of Participation: Women and Civic Life in the Greek East in the Hellenistic and Roman Periods (Amsterdam, 1996)
  • Hellenistic Karia, Ausonius Études vol. 27 (Bordeaux, 2010, ed. with J-M Carbon)
  • Guide to Inscriptions in Milas and its Museum (Istanbul, 2015, with J-M Carbon and W Blümel); Turkish translation: Milas yazitlari rehberi (Istanbul, 2015)
  • 'Labraunda and the Ptolemies: a reinterpretation of three documents from the sanctuary of Zeus (I. Labraunda 51, 45 and 44), Studi Ellenistici 31 (2017) 223-259

For a full list of publications, see Riet's Iris profile.


  • Cities and Kings in the Hellenistic World (advanced seminar for second- and third-year undergraduates)
  • Hellenistic Epigraphy: From Athens to Afghanistan (elective module for MA students)