Dr Julietta Steinhauer

Dr Julietta Steinhauer

Julietta Steinhauer joined UCL in September 2014 and is a Senior Teaching Fellow in Hellenistic History. Her research focuses on religion, religious minorities and migration in the Aegean during the Hellenistic period.

Julietta is a research associate at the Institute of Classical Studies, London, where she is working on her current project. This is a monograph entitled Migration on the Margins: The socio-cultural aspects of migration in the second and first centuries BCE.

PhD supervision

Julietta is interested in receiving research proposals from prospective students on topics including Greek religion, migration, gender, and (in)equality in the Hellenistic period.

Current students: Karolina Frank, 'Ancient Greek Oracular Divination: The Socio-Economic Context of Oracular Consultations'.

Major publications

  • Steinhauer, J., ‘Dionysian associations and the Bacchanalian affair’, in: F. Mac Góráin (ed.) Dionysus in Rome (Trends in Classics Supplementary Volume series, De Gruyter) in press, pp. 133-155.
  • Steinhauer, J., ‘Socio-religious networks of ‘foreign’ women in Hellenistic Delos and beyond’, in: M. Dana (et al.) La cité interconnectée, Bordeaux 2019, pp. 223-237.
  • Steinhauer, J., 'Osiris mystes und Isis orgia. Gab es 'Mysterien' der ägyptischen Gottheiten?' in: C. Witschel and J. Quack (eds), Religious Flows in the Roman Empire - the Expansion of Oriental Cults (Isis, Mithras, Iuppiter Dolichenus) from East to West and Back Again, Heidelberg 2016, pp.47-78.
  • Steinhauer, J., Religious Associations in the Post-Classical Polis (Potsdamer Altertumswissenschaftliche Beiträge), Stuttgart 2014.
  • Steinhauer, J., 'Die Kultgemeinschaften der Ägyptischen Gottheiten in Griechenland', in M. Öhler (ed.) Aposteldekret und Antikes Vereinswesen: Gemeinschaft und ihre Ordnung, Tübingen 2011, pp. 186-205.

For a full list of publications, see Julietta's Iris profile.

Media appearances

Interview about the Elgin Marbles, ITV News, October 2014


  • Sources for Greek History (undergraduate course)
  • The Romans and their past (undergraduate course)
  • Emotions and the Ancient Greeks (Second year research seminar)
  • Slavery in the Classical world (Advanced seminar)
  • Lived Religion in Hellenistic Greece (MA elective module)
  • Hellenistic Encounters with Egypt (MA elective module)