Dr Marie-Pierre Gelin

Marie-Pierre is a Lecturer (Teaching) at UCL History. Marie-Pierre's primary research interest is the ecclesiastical and monastic history of England in the period 1000 - 1250, with particular focus on visual culture. She has worked on the iconographic programme of the medieval stained glass windows of Canterbury Cathedral, specifically on the links between the images and liturgical rituals taking place in the cathedral. Marie-Pierre is particularly interested in the ways in which images were produced and used in a monastic context at a time of religious, political and social changes. Her current research is on the role of relic collections and inventories of books and ornaments in the construction of memory and identity in English monasteries.

Major publications

"Lumen ad revelationem genium": iconographie et liturgie à Christ Church, Canterbury, 1175-1220 (Turnholt: Brepols, 2006).

Teaching 2017-19