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Profile picture of Izzat Darwazeh
ICCS Director, Professor of Communications Engineering

Wireless communications | Visible Light Communications | Signal processing | Circuit design | Machine learning

Prof Polina Bayvel

Profile picture of Polina Bayvel
ICCS Co-director, Professor of Optical Communications and Networks

Optical Communications | Nonlinear fibre-optics | Intelligent Optical Networks | Optical Architectures | High-capacity optical transition

Profile picture of Ioannis Andreopoulos
Professor in Data and Signal Processing System

Signal processing | Deep neural networks | Error-tolerant computing | multimedia systems | Wireless protocols for low-end systems 

Alejandra Beghelli's Profile Picture
Lecturer in Optical Communications & Networks

Resource allocation algorithms | Optical networks | reinforcement learning



Dr Francesca Boem's Profile Picture
Lecturer in Control Systems

Control Engineering | Cyber-physical systems | Detection methods for Safety and Security | Networked and interconnected systems | Optimisation and Machine learning

Prof P Brennan

Awaiting details

Dr Kevin Chetty

Kevin Chetty's Profile Picture
Associate Professor 
Department of Security
& Crime Science

WiFi Passive Radar | Joint Communincation and Sensing | Micro-Doppler based human activity recognition

Kari Clark Profile Picture
Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow

Optical fibre communication | sub-nanosecond clock and data recovery | clock phase caching | sub-nanosecond data centre optical switching | hollow core fibre synchronised optical networks



Dr Stuart Clayman

Profile picture of Stuart Clayman
Principal Research Associate

Software engineering | programming paradigms | distributed systems | virtualised compute and network systems | network and systems management | sensor systems and smart city platforms

Prof A Demosthenous

Awaiting details

Dr Filipe Marques Ferreira

Dr Filipe Marques Ferreira Profile Picture
Senior Research Fellow

High-capacity optical fibre transmission | Spatially multiplexed systems | Digital nonlinear compensation



Prof Alex Galis

Profile picture of Alex Galis
Professorial Research Associate

Software-defined infrastructures and services | 5G networking and servicing | Network and Cloud programmability and management




Dr Sara Ghoreishizadeh

Dr Sara Ghoreishi profile picture 180 x 180
Lecturer in Bioelectronics

Medical electronics | Analogue integrated circuit | Wearable biosensors




Dr David Griffin

Profile picture of David Griffin
Principal Research Associate

Edge computing | Internet architecture | Routing | Software-defined networks


Prof Hugh Griffiths

Profile picture of Hugh Griffiths
Professor of Radio Frequency Sensor Systems

Radar systems | Signal processing | Antenna measurements techniques

Profile picture of Robert Killey
Professor of Optical Communications

Optical fibre transmission | Optical networks | Optical transceivers | Optical nonlinearity | Digital signal processing

Dr Zhixin Liu

Profile picture of Zhixin Liu
Associate Professor of Optical Signal Processing

Photonic Subsystems | Optical Communications | Fibre Optics 

Dr Anna Maria Mandalari 

Anna Maria Mandalari 180x180
Lecturer in Communications & Networking 

IoT | Security | Privacy | Networking | Internet Protocols

Prof Christos Masouros

Profile picture of Christos Masouros
Professor of Signal Processing and Wireless Communications

Green Communications | Large Scale Antenna Systems | Cognitive Radio | interference mitigation techniques

Profile picture of Adnan Mehonic
Lecturer in Nanoelectronics and Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow

Power-efficient ML hardware | memristive technology | neuromorphic engineering

Prof John Mitchell

Profile picture of John Mitchell
Professor of Communication Systems Engineering

Radio-over-Fibre | Optical Access | IoT

Profile picture of Ioannis Papakonstantinou
Professor of Optical Devices and Systems
Visible Light Communications | LiFi

Prof George Pavlou

Profile picture of George Pavlou
Professor of Communication Networks

Network resource management | Network programmability | Content-based networking

Profile picture of Ioannis Psaras
Lecturer - Networks, EPSRC Research Fellow

Future internet | Edge/Fog computing | Mobile computing | IoT | Network layer algorithms

Profile picture of Cyril Renaud
Professor of photonics

5G | photonics | Wireless | Terahertz

Prof Miguel Rio

Miguel Rio 180 x 180
Professor of Computer Networks

Network routing | Quality of service | Edge networking | Network optimization

Dr Matthew Ritchie

Dr Matthew Ritchie profile picture

Radar | RF Sensing | Cognition

Niall Roche

Profile picture of Nial Roche
CTO in Residence, Senior Teaching Fellow

5G | IoT | Blockchain | Machine Learning | Entrepreneurship

Prof Miguel Rodrigues

Profile picture of Miguel Rodrigues
Professor of Theory and Information Processing

Information processing | Information theory | Machine Learning | Artificial Intelligence

Prof Alwyn Seeds

Alwyn Seeds Profile Picture
Professor of Opto-electronics


Dr David Selviah

Profile picture of David Selviah
Reader in Optical Devices, Interconnects, Algorithms and Systems

3D pattern recognition | 3D image processing | cloud computing | Silicon Lasers | Silicon Photonics | Waveguides | Optical Fibre Connectors and Interfaces | Artificial Intelligence

Profile picture of Laura Toni
Associate Professor - Multimedia Systems

Virtual reality | Interactive multimedia systems | Online adaptive decision making strategies | IoT | Reinforcement learning

Prof Luis Carlos Vieira

Luis Carlos Vieira Profile Picture
Visiting Academic

5G Network | Optical Fibre Links | Advanced Modulation Formats

Prof Kit Wong

Profile picture of Kit Wong
Professor of Wireless Communications

Cognitive radio networks| Full duplex communication | mm-wave communication | Physical-layer security | Massive MIMOMachine learning

Profile Picture of Georgios Zervas
Associate Professor of optical networked systems, EPSRC Fellow

Optical Networks | Data Centres & High-Performance Computing | Reconfigurable Computing | Evolvable Hardware 






Research fellows

Profile picture of Alhabib Abbas
Research Fellow

Machine Learning | Media Processing | Low-Complexity Neural Net Design


Dr Gholamali Aminian Profile Picture
Research Associate

Machine Learning | Information Theory | Communication Systems | Molecular Communications



Dr Amin Amiri's Profile Picture
Research Fellow

RF and Microwave Circuits and Systems  | Antenna Design and Fabrication  | Radars | RF PCBs  | 3D EM Modelling



Profile image place holder
Research Associate

Future Internet | Edge/Fog computing | IoT | Distributed Systems

Dr Mohammad Ashraful Anam

Profile picture of Mohammad Ashraful Anam
Research Associate

Error-tolerant computing | High-performance computing | Cloud computing | Error detection & correction | Approximate computing

Dr Hedaia Ghannam

Profile picture of Hedaia Ghannam
Visiting Researcher

Modulation | physical layer | channel coding | non-orthogonal | SEFDM



Dr Alan Guedes

Research Associate

Interactive multimedia | immersive media | Adaptative streaming | TV systems.



Dr Xiaoyan Hu

Research Fellow
Profile picture of Xiaoyan Hu

Deep Learning | Artificial Intelligence | Machine Type Communications


Dr Cerys Jones

Cerys Jones Profile Picture
Research Associate

Image processing | Spectral imaging | Machine learning

Profile image place holder
Visiting Postdoctoral Research Associate

Video Communication Systems | Wireless and Mobile Communications | Machine Learning

Dr Aryan Kaushik                              

Aryan Kaushik Profile Picture
Research Fellow

Dual Communications and Radar Signal Processing | Signal Processing for Communications | Optimization and Compressed Sensing | Energy Efficient Wireless Communication Systems | Millimeter Wave Massive MIMO Communications


Dr Morteza Kheirkhah Sabetghadam 

Dr Morteza Khierkhah Sabetghadam Profile Picture
Research Associate in Networked Systems

Datacenter networking | Mobile networking | Edge networking | Transport protocol | Congestion control



Dr Wenda Li

Wenda Li's Profile Picture
Research Fellow 
Department of Security
& Crime Science

Wireless Sensing | Passive Radar | Joint Communincation and Sensing 

Dr Mu-Chieh Lo

Profile image place holder
Research Fellow

Optical communications | Semiconductor lasers | Photonic integrated circuits 



Dr Dhecha Nopchinda

Profile image place holder
Research Fellow - Leverhulme Early Career Fellow

Wireless communications | Signal processing | Millimeter-wave measurement techniques and instrumentation 



Dr Temitope Odedeyi

Profile picture of Temitope Odedeyi
Research Fellow

Microwave circuits | mm-wave devices | THz circuit design and analysis


Profile Picture of Waseem Ozan
Visiting Researcher

802.11 | WiFi | 5G | Spectral efficiency | Advanced wireless communication systems

Andrea Piccione

Profile of Andrea Piccione
Research Fellow

Fusion Energy | Image analysis | Disruptive events



Dr Wei Pu

Wei Pu Profile Picture
Honorary Research Fellow

Deep Learning | Artificial Intelligence | Signal processing | Art investigation | Robust optimization



Dr Sergi Rene

Profile image place holder
Research Associate

ICN | Wireless | Edge Computing | D2D

Profile picture of Francesco Tusa
Research Associate

Distributed Systems | Cloud Computing | NFV | Network Management and Orchestration | Information Security | Virtualisation


Dr Nafiseh Vahabi

Dr Nafiseh Vahabi Profile Picture
EPSRC Research Fellow

Machine learning | Image Processing | Signal Processing 




Dr Shelly Vishwakarma

Shelly_Vishwakarma's Profile Picture
Research Fellow 
Department of Security
& Crime Science

Radar | Sensing | Activity Recognition | Micro-Dopplers

Dr Tongyang Xu

Profile picture of Tongyan Xu
Research Associate

5G | IoT | data analytics | antenna design | real-time testbed design

Profile image place holder
Postdoctoral Research Associate

Next generation network | wireless cellular network | IoT | 64QAM, 256QAM

Research students

Profile image of Motasem Alsawadi
Student, PhD

Deep learning  | Machine learning | Wireless communications | Digital image processing

Jaweria Amjad

Jaweria Amjad Profile Picture
Student, PhD

Deep Learning | Inverse Problems | Machine Learning | Signal Processing


Profile image place holder
Student, PhD

Radar | RF Sensing | Novel Radar Techniques  | Multi-Static Radar | Bistatic Radar

Zhiyuan Chu Profile Picture
Student, PhD

Metasurface  | Millimeter wave | System-on-Chip (SoC) | Surface wave



Callum Deakin Profile Picture
Student, PhD

Optical frequency combs | Optical signal processing | Data converters | Directly modulated lasers



Dilan Dhulashia's Profile Picture
Student, PhD

Radar | RF Sensing | Multi-Static Networks | Electronic Warfare 



Hubert Dzieciol

Hubert Dzieciol's Profile Picture
Student, PhD

Digital signal processing | Optical fibre links | Advanced modulation formats



Martin Ferianc

Martin Ferianc Profile Picture
Student, PhD

Bayesian neural networks | Neural architecture search |  Machine Learning | Information Theory | Uncertainty Quantification



Pedro Gomes

Pedro Gomes Profile Picture
Student, PhD

Graph Signal Processing | Point Cloud | Deep Learning



Emanuele Gruppi

Profile image place holder
Student, PhD

Edge Caching | Heterogeneous Networks | 5G

Profile image place holder
Student, PhD

Energy balance | Aerial base station  | Energy Efficiency



Profile picture of Amany Kassem
Student, PhD

Visible Light communications | Optical receivers


Navin Keizer Profile Picture
Student, PhD

Edge Computing | Future Internet | Network Design



Profile image place holder
Student, PhD

6G | Automation | Control

Xinyue Liu

Xinyue Liu Profile Picture
Student, PhD

5G | Wireless Communications | Signal Processing

Zhaoyan Lyu

Profile Picture Zhaoyan Lyu
Student, PhD

Deep learning | Lightweight | Information theory

Sephora Madjiheurem

Profile picture of Sephora Madjiheurem
Student, PhD

Machine Learning | Reinforcement Learning | Large-Scale Networks | Signal Processing | Graph Theory

Hadumanro Randani Malau

Profile image place holder
Student, PhD

6G wireless communications | Programmable Metasurface | Artificial Intelligent


Abdullahi Mohammad

Profile picture of Abdullahi Mohammad
Student, PhD

Convolutional neural networks acceleration | Cloud computing

Xun Mu                

Profile image of Xun Mu
Student, PhD

Scalable and Intelligent Optical Network Systems | Designing and modelling of scalable space division  multiplexed technologies | Specialty SDM fibers and switches with Artificial Intelligence methods 

Fiona Neufeldt

Fiona Neufeldt Profile Picture
Student, PhD

Optics | Neuroimaging | Two-photon microscopy | Remote focus microscopy


ICN | Edge Computing | Network Design

Afroditi Papadaki Profile Picture
Student, PhD

Computer Vision | Privacy | Multi-task Learning | Deep Learning

Profile image place holder
Student, PhD

Wireless communications | 5G | massive MIMO

Profile image place holder
Student, PhD

Deep Learning | Reinforcement Learning | Network Optimisation




Silvia profile pic 180x180
Student, PhD

Video Processing | wireless networks | virtual reality | machine learning | optimization

Zahra Sabetsarvestani

Profile image place holder
Student, PhD

Machine Learning | Statistical Signal Processing |
Low-rank Matrix Completion | Source Separation

Fangzhan Shi's Profile Picture
Student, PhD

Passive Passive Radar Sensing | Locatization and Navigation | Dectection and Recognition

Ronit Sohanpal

Profile image place holder
Student, PhD

Optical frequency combs | Optical signal processing | Data centre transceivers

Nanchi Su

Profile image place holder
Student, PhD

MIMO communication | MIMO radar | Physical layer security | RadCom Spectrum Sharing


Chong Tang

Chong Tang's Profile Picture
Student, PhD

Passive WiFi Radar Sensing System | Deep learning | Activity Recognition

Iman Valiulahi

Profile Picture Iman Valiulahi
Student, PhD

Energy Harvesting | Arial Base Stations  | Convex Optimization | Unmanned Vehicles 



Michael Woollard

Profile image place holder
Student, PhD

Automatic target recognition | Synthetic aperture radar | RF sensing


Fan Yang                 

Student PhD
Fan Yang Profile Picture

Reinforcement learning system design | Congestion control | High link utilizsation 


Jiaqian Yang

Profile image place holder
Student, PhD

Nonlinear Fibre Optics | Machine Learning | Ultrawide Band 


Kaige Yang

Kaige Yang Profile Picture
Student, PhD

Graph Signal Processing | Recommendation System | Reinforcement Learning

Wenting Yi

Profile image place holder
Student, PhD

Coherent and direct detection optical transceivers | Digital signal processing algorithms | Machine learning

Hui Yuan

Profile image place holder
Student, PhD

DCN based on T/O band routing systems | Crosstalk variations in trench-assisted multi-core fiber | Optically disaggregated DCNs and SDM-WDM based DCNs

Chao Zhou

Chao Zhou Profile Picture
Student, PhD

Deep learning | Image processing | Inverse problem

Zichuan Zhou

Profile image place holder
Student, PhD

Optical Communications | Data Center Interconnection | Optical transceiver

Professional services

Profile picture of Robert Thompson
Acting Institute Manager