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Dr Robert Thompson

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Institute Manager

E: robert.j.thompson@ucl.ac.uk
T: +44 (0)20 310 862 58 (int. 56258)

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Dr Robert Thompson is an Impact Fellow at UCL working with the UCL Institute of Communications and Connected Systems as well as the PETRAS Cybersecurity of the IoT research hub. His main role with the institute is to facilitate the launch and formation of the institute as well as enabling industry relations, and opportunities for the institute's work to create social and economic impact. 

Along with developing impact opportunities and industry relations he has recently specialising in IoT projects for Agriculture and the development of an IoT Standards Platform.

Robert began his training in Physics at Durham University affiliated to University College and went on to undertake a PhD in the Electronic and Electrical Engineering department at University College London. His studies have focused on organic materials for electronic devices.

Taking a year away from research to teach physics in London secondary schools Dr Thompson returned to pursue a research fellowship at the London Centre for Nanotechnology. Here he continued his studies of organic electronic materials while developing novel microscopy and spectroscopy techniques.

An extremely passionate science communicator, Robert has worked with the BBC, producing many radio and news reports. Through his work in the public engagement and communication of science he has worked alongside many other organisations including EPSRC, the British Science Association and the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Robert continues to work as an Impact Fellow a UCL while developing his research interests, particularly in materials for wearable technology and e-textiles.