Institute of Communications and Connected Systems



Collaborative and cross-disciplinary research addressing the future of a connected and data-driven society.

The research of ICCS sits within four themes. These themes are cross-sector and multidisciplinary, promoting a collaborative approach to address real-world problems facing an increasingly connected and data-driven society. 

Intelligent High capacity networks - Image showing communication network and a logo giving the impression of a physical layer

Intelligent high capacity networks

Building Communications Technologies for a data-intensive society

Image exemplifying ubiquitous connectivity, logo showing many people connected around a globe, and an image showing network points across a city

Ubiquitous Connectivity

Providing connectivity to everyone and everything, everywhere, every time

Showing concept of smart services revolving around a cloud

Infrastructures for smart services and applications

Connecting and coordinating devices to create an efficient and intelligent ecosystem of services

Image exemplifying sensing, information and data processing, logo showing data points inside a arrows to imply processing, image of a graph being produced.

Sensing, Information and data processing

Acquiring, processing and exploiting information and data for optimum utilisation