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Intelligent high capacity networks

Building communications technologies for a data-intensive society

Communications schematic network resembling an electronic circuit board

With the increase of novel services requiring instantaneous data access (e.g. high-quality video streaming. augmented/virtual reality and navigation), we are facing constantly increasing demand for network capacity. This theme aims to provide the communications technologies required to efficiently support massive data transport on a global scale. To reach this goal we are exploring programmable networks, and innovative architectural designs as well as new technologies at the physical layer , for core and access. 

Projects in this theme

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People working in this theme

Profile picture of Lidia Galdino

Dr Lidia Galdino
Research Associate

High-speed optical communication systems | optical fibre nonlinearity mitigation | ultra-broadband transmission systems
Profile picture of Abdullahi Mohammad

Abdullahi Mohammad
Student, PhD

Convolutional neural networks acceleration | Cloud computing

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