Institute of Communications and Connected Systems


Ubiquitous Connectivity

Providing connectivity to everyone and everything, everywhere, every time 

Wireless connectivity, initially used to connect individuals on the move, is now increasingly underpinning all our surrounding services and infrastructure. This theme aims to develop novel communication technologies to allow any and all devices to create, share, and process data. In doing this we are exploring new signal and system structures that optimise the use of spectrum, massive device connectivity and IoT systems, new techniques for adaptive and data-aware networks and hybrid bre-radio systems, visible light communications and cloud system architectures and networks.

Projects in this theme

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People working in this theme

Dr Ioannis Psaras
Lecturer - Networks, EPSRC Research Fellow

Future internet | Edge/Fog computing | Mobile computing | IoT | Network layer algorithms | Distributed Ledger Technologies

Prof. Kit Wong
Professor of Wireless Communications

Cognitive radio networks| Full duplex communication | mm-wave communication | Physical-layer security | Massive MIMOMachine learning

Dr Sergi Rene
Research Associate

ICN | Wireless | Edge Computing | D2D
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