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ICCS brings together world-leading academic experts and state-of-the-art facilities to advance the future technologies of a connected world. Our work penetrates every area of the communications network and interacts with a diverse range of application areas. Key to our work is engaging with industry and the engineers of the future as we innovate and develop this dynamic field of research.

 Prof. Izzat Darwazeh, ICCS Director

ICCS Online Seminar Series

As our community are now distributed across the world and away from our home in Bloomsbury we are curating a series of online seminars to bring us together, provide academic exploration and inspiration. These sessions will offer insights into a range of topics surrounding communications and connected systems. All are welcome to attend, please find details of up-and-coming seminars below.

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Online Seminar | Recent Advancements in Optical Wireless Communications

03 June, 11:30 am
In this seminar Professor Harald Haas one of the key figures in Optical Wireless Communications, often referred to as LiFi, will present recent advancements in the field.

A vector like futuristic sketch of city architecture with network nodes/lines at the base

Online Seminar | Extracting 3D maps of cities from blockage and attenuation of Positioning signals

17 June, 11:30 am
In this seminar UKRI Future Leaders Fellow Dr Ana Basiri, of UCL's Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, will talk about the use of GPS and wireless signal blackspots to create 3D map of cities

Spectrum superimposed of the characters 'T''H''z'

Online Seminar | Photonic THz technologies and their application to wireless communication

Archived - recording available shortly
Professor Cyril Renaud will discuss how THz technologies are developing as an interesting solution to the increasing demand for data on wireless channels.

4 examples of Research showing a female researcher in the lab, fibre optic cables interfacing with a FPGA, a glove with motion sensors attached, and a camera with visual data processing.

Research at ICCS

Dynamic high calibre research covering all areas of the network and positioned within our four strategic research themes.

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About ICCS

A unique institute bringing together world-leading academics and state-of-the-art facilities driven by collaboration and innovation.

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Engage with ICCS

An approach to research that thrives on its engagement with industry and academia while inspiring the engineers of the future.


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