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Dr Morteza Kheirkhah Sabetghadam

Dr Morteza Khierkhah Sabetghadam Profile Picture

Research Associate

E: m.kheirkhah@ucl.ac.uk
T: +44 (0) 207 679 2000 (int. N/A)

Research group
Information and Communication Engineering

Datacenter networking | Mobile networking | Edge networking | Transport protocol | Congestion control


Morteza Kheirkhah is a Research Associate in Networked Systems in the Communications and Information Systems Group, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University College London. He holds a MSc in Data Communication, Network and Distributed Systems (DCNDS) from UCL and a PhD in Informatics from University of Sussex. Dr Kheirkhah has been involved in several research projects (both EU and EPSRC) across several UK universities. His current research interests span mobile networking, edge networking and datacentre networking, with a particular focus on improving data transport and congestion control.

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