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Hadumanro Malau

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Student, PhD

E: hadumanro.malau.19@ucl.ac.uk
T:  +44(0)207 679 2000 (int. N/A)

Kit Wong

Research group
Information and Communication Engineering

6G wireless communications | Programmable Metasurface | Artificial Intelligent


My name is Hadumanro Randani Malau. People call me Malau or Dani.  I come from Jakarta, Indonesia.  I obtained my bachelor degree in 2011 in EE major from Telkom University Indonesia. I obtained my masters degree in 2015 from the University of Applied Sciences Bremen, Germany in electrical engineering with specialization in telecommunication and instrumentation. During my study, I took course modules related to communications studies, such as satellite communication, fiber optic test & measurement, optical communication, microwave circuits & systems.

After graduating, I came back to Indonesia and started working as a 4G/LTE Network Design & Optimization Engineer at Smartfren Telecom, one of the biggest telecommunication provider in Indonesia, which has the widest 4G/LTE network coverage in our country. I am responsible for providing the reliable LTE/4G network with high network capability and less latency for our customers, by providing the optimum radio frequency (RF) and radio access network (RAN) design. My job is to design, plan and oversee the installation, maintenance and optimization of wireless radio network communication systems.

I am now working on my PhD under Prof. Kai-Kit Wong's supervision and we have been discussing and trying to explore a key enabler technology for future 6G wireless communication: Programmable Metasurface; to exploit its uniqueness in term of changing and manipulating the amplitude, phase, polarization and even the orbital angular momentum of transmitted and reflected electromagnetic waves over its' surfaces in real time basis for future 6G requirements.