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Dr David Griffin

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Principal Research Associate

E: d.griffin@ucl.ac.uk
T: +44(0)20 3108 9445 (int. 59445)

Research group
Information and Communication Engineering

Edge computing | Internet architecture | Routing | Software-defined networks


David Griffin is a Principal Research Associate in the Communications and Information Systems Group, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University College London. He has a BSc in Electronic, Computer and Systems Engineering from Loughborough University and a PhD in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from UCL.

Before joining UCL Dr Griffin was a Systems Design Engineer at GEC-Plessey Telecommunications (now part of Ericsson) where he worked on the management of ATM networks. In 1993, he joined the Foundation for Research and Technology, Institute of Computer Science, Greece as a Research Associate in Telecommunications where he worked on ATM network optimisation and performance management.

He has led several international collaborative research projects, most recently on the topics of the co-optimisation of peer-to-peer content distribution overlays and underlying network infrastructures, and on the optimisation of edge clouds for delivering high-performance, low-latency applications. He is currently leading the workpackage in a large EU project on the delivery of interactive media applications over 5G networks.

His research interests are in planning, management and dynamic control for providing QoS in multiservice networks, edge computing, novel Internet routing paradigms, software-defined networks and network function virtualisation.


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