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Callum Deakin

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Student, PhD

E: callum.deakin.17@ucl.ac.uk
T: +44(0)207 679 2000 (int. N/A)  

Zhixin Liu

Research group
Optical Networks 

Optical frequency combs | Optical signal processing | Data converters | Directly modulated lasers


Callum Deakin was awarded an MSci in Physics from Imperial College London in 2017 and joined the UCL-Cambridge IPES CDT soon after, completing his MRes in 2018. Research projects during his MRes included the development of perovskite-GaN hybrid materials for photonic applications and a study into the potential of beam steering switches for multicore fibres.

In October 2018 he joined the Optical Networks Group at UCL as a PhD student. He is currently working on optical frequency combs for data conversion and optical signal processing under the supervision of Dr Zhixin Liu.