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Prof Alex Galis

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Professorial Research Associate

E: a.galis@ucl.ac.uk
T: +44(0)20 3108 9441 (int. 59441)

Research group
Information and Communication Engineering

Software-defined infrastructures and services | 5G networking and servicing | Network and Cloud programmability and management


Alex Galis is a Professorial Research Fellow in Networked and Service Systems at University College London (UCL). His current interests are on 5G networking, software defined infrastructure and services, network and cloud programmability and management. He has co-authored more than 280 publications in the future Internet areas: networks and services, management, networking clouds, 5G virtualisation and programmability including 10 research books. He has contributed to 9 ITU-T standards on Future Networks and 5G Networks and he has worked on 16 IETF drafts (work in progress) in Autonomic networking and network slicing. He has been a co-principal investigator at UCL on a number of EU research projects with a total UCL budget of more than 10 M£, including overall technical leadership of the MISA - Management of IP networks (250 PY), FAIN - programmable networks (300PY), CONTEXT - context aware networking (75PY), AUTONOMIC INTERNET - autonomic network (75PY) and NECOS - Novel Enablers for Cloud Slicing (75PY) projects. He was a member of the Steering Group of the Future Internet Assembly (FIA) and he led the Management and Service–aware Networking Architecture (MANA) working group at FIA. He acted as PTC/ keynotes/ panels/ workshops co-chair of 14 IEEE conferences including TPC co-chair of 1st IEEE Network Softwarization 2015 (NetSoft 2015, hosted by UCL in London) and reviewer in more than 100 IEEE conferences and journals. He is a co-editor of IEEE JSAC series on Network Softwarisation and Enablers, ETRI Journal published by Wiley and of the IEEE Communications Magazine feature topic on Advances In Networking Software. He is an International Academy, Research, and Industry Association (IARIA) Fellow (2011, https://www.iaria.org/fellows.html). He was selected as a Vice Chair of the ITU-T SG13 Group on Future Networking. He is involved in IETF and ITU-T SG13 network slicing activities and he is also involved in IEEE SDN initiative including co-chairing of the IEEE SDN publication committee.

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Standard Contributions

ITU-T (9 recommendations; 2012- 2017)

I. Future Networks Standards

II. 5G – IMT2020 Networks Standards (http://www.itu.int/md/T13-SG13-151130-TD-PLEN-0208/en):

IETF (16 drafts 2016 – 2018)

White Papers
  • “Future Internet Report’ 2011”- UK Future Internet Strategy Group Member (group hosted by Digital Communications Knowledge Transfer Network and endorsed by the UK Department of Business, Innovation and Skills - advisory group to UK Government) https://ktn.innovateuk.org/web/ictktn; http://www.opengardensblog.futuretext.com/archives/2011/09/uk-future-int...
  • “Vision Document for Beyond 5G Research” 50 pages -R.L. Aguiar, J. S. Bedo, A G Armada, B. Evans, A. Galis, H. Karl - – NetWorld2020 30th November 2015 - http://networld2020.eu/sria-and-whitepapers/
  • "Views on 5G Architecture – Mark 1” 60 pages- 5G PPP Association - July 2016; A. Galis (editor & contributor): https://5g-ppp.eu/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/5G-PPP-5G-Architecture-WP-J...
  • “Software-Defined Networks for Future Networks and Services - Main Technical Challenges and Business Implications” 40 pages - Antonio Manzalini, Telecom Italia, Italy Roberto Saracco, EIT ICT Labs, Italy Cagatay Buyukkoc, AT&T Labs, USA Prosper Chemouil, Orange, France Sławomir Kukliński, Orange Polska, Poland Andreas Gladisch, Deutsche Telekom, Germany Masaki Fukui, Wenyu Shen, NTT, Japan Eliezer Dekel, IBM, Israel, Walter Cerroni, Franco Callegati, University of Bologna, Italy, Giovanni Schembra, Vincenzo Riccobene, University of Catania, Italy, Carmen Mas Machuca, Technische Universität München, Germany, Alex Galis, University College London, U.K. Julius Mueller, FhG FOKUS, Germany, David Soldani, Huawei, Germany Mehmet Ulema, Manhattan College, USA – 29th January 2014, http://sites.ieee.org/sdn4fns/whitepaper/
  • “Towards 5G Software-Defined Ecosystems - Technical Challenges, Business Sustainability and Policy Issues” - Antonio Manzalini, Telecom Italia Mobile, Italy, Cagatay Buyukkoc, AT&T Labs, USA, Prosper Chemouil, Sławomir Kuklinski Orange, France Franco Callegati, University of Bologna, Italy, Alex Galis, University College London, UK Marie-Paule Odini, HP, France, Chih-Lin I, Jinri Huang, China Mobile, China Mike Bursell, Intel, UK, Noel Crespi, Telecom Sud Paris, France Eileen Healy, pdv Wireless, USA Stuart Sharrock, Telemates, UK – 40 pages July 2016 http://sdn.ieee.org/images/files/pdf/towards-5g-software-defined-ecosyst...