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Professor Benjamin Lauderdale
Professor Benjamin Lauderdale
Head of Department and Professor of Political Science

Professor Lauderdale’s research is focused on developing new designs for highly multidimensional survey experiments that enable us to better measure key concepts relevant to public opinion and political behaviour.

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Seebal smiles into the camera
Dr Seebal Aboudounya
Associate Lecturer (Teaching) in International Public Policy & Environmental Politics  

Dr Aboudounya’s research interests and expertise include international relations, international development, international institutions, the International Maritime Organization, and African affairs.

Rod looks into the camera
Dr M. Rodwan Abouharb
Associate Professor in International Relations

Dr Abouharb’s research places particular emphasis on understanding how both domestic and international socio-economic processes affect the human security of citizens around the world.

Valentina wears a black blazer, has long brown wavy hair and smiles into the camera
Dr Valentina Amuso
Lecturer (Teaching) in Political Economy and Comparative Politics

Dr Amuso’s research focuses on the role of government agencies in shaping regulatory approaches to innovation, as well as the decision-making mechanisms that underpin these approaches.

Samer smiles into the camera
Dr Samer Anabtawi
Lecturer in Comparative Politics

Dr Anabtawi’s research is focused on the study of authoritarianism, contentious politics, domestic and transnational LGBTIQ+ movements, law and society, and Palestinian politics.


Phillip wears a blue shirt and looks into the camera
Professor Phillip Ayoub
Professor of International Relations

Professor Ayoub’s research bridges insights from international relations and comparative politics, engaging with literature on transnational politics, sexuality and gender, norm diffusion, and the study of social movements.

Professor Kristin M Bakke
Professor of Political Science and International Relations

Professor Bakke’s research explores how states respond to opposition within their borders, the dynamics of violence in self-determination struggles, post-war state-building and wartime legacies, and geopolitical orientations.

Lucy smiles into the camera
Dr Lucy Barnes
Professor of Political Economy

Dr Barnes’s research focuses on the politics of economic policymaking in rich, western democracies (including the UK).

Kiran wears a suit and smiles into the camera
Dr Kiran Arabaghatta Basavaraj
Research Fellow

Dr Basavaraj is interested in interdisciplinary methodological approaches to addressing questions in the social sciences.

Richard Bellamy
Professor Richard Bellamy
Professor of Political Science

Professor Bellamy’s research combines intellectual history, analytical legal and political philosophy and comparative politics.

Dr Jack Blumenau
Associate Professor of Political Science and Quantitative Research Methods

Dr Blumenau’s research addresses questions about what voters want, how politicians act, and how these preferences and behaviours interact to affect electoral outcomes and political representation in democratic systems.

George wears glasses, has a beard and smiles into the camera
Dr George Boss
Research Fellow

Dr Boss’s research explores the political theory of needs, the contemporary politics of need, and the work of Karl Marx, as well as applied topics like poverty, climate change and the future of work.

Jeremy stands outside and smiles
Dr Jeremy Bowles
Lecturer in Comparative Politics

Dr Bowles works on the political economy of development, mostly focused on sub-Saharan Africa.


Professor Zeynep Bulutgil
Professor in International Relations

Dr Bulutgil’s research is at the intersection of international relations and comparative politics.

Ying sits inside, in front of a big window. She is wearing a navy blue top and smiles
Dr Shuk Ying Chan
Lecturer in Political Theory

Dr Chan’s research sits at the intersection of 20th century anticolonial thought, contemporary theories of global justice, questions of empire and race, and ideas of equality and self-determination.

Simon smiles into the camera
Dr Simon Chin-Yee
Lecturer (Teaching) in International Development

Dr Chin-Yee’s research is focused on climate change, conflict and vulnerable populations – with an emphasis on human security and climate justice on the African continent.

David smiles into the camera
Professor David Coen
Professor of Public Policy, Director of the Global Governance Institute

Professor Coen’s research explores business and government relations, specifically EU business lobbying strategies and the consequences for EU institutional development.

Helen looks into the camera
Dr Helen Brown Coverdale
Lecturer (Teaching) in Political Theory

Dr Coverdale has an emerging interest in human relationships with technology, the ethical qualities of these relationships and applications of technology using citizens’ data, as well as the implications for democratic legitimacy, basic rights, and the social justice.

Dr Kate Cronin-Furman
Associate Professor in Human Rights

Dr Cronin-Furman’s research focuses on human rights and on the prevention and punishment of mass atrocities.

Noele wears a smart black blazer and is standing side on to the camera
Dr Noele Crossley
Associate Professor (Teaching) in International Organisations & International Security

Dr Crossley’s research interests are in the areas of international security and peace and conflict studies.

Headshot of Peter Dinesen
Professor Peter Dinesen
Professor of Political Science

Professor Dinesen’s research focuses on how individuals form beliefs and attitudes about other people, politics and society at large.

Marina wear a grey blazer and stands in front on a grey building. She is smiling
Dr Marina Duque
Associate Lecturer (Teaching) in International Relations

Dr Duque's research interests lie in understanding how countries achieve status or how status motivates political behaviour

Sirin wears a suit in this professional photo
Dr Şirin Duygulu Elcim
Associate Lecturer

Dr Duygulu Elcim's research focuses on the dynamics and processes of international public policy, and the roles of unlikely actors in shaping policy.

Dr Cathy Elliott
Associate Professor (Teaching) and Vice Dean (Education) of the Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences

Dr Elliott writes and thinks a lot about education in the discipline of politics in Higher Education.

Marc smiles into the camera
Professor Marc Esteve
Professor of Public Management

Professor Esteve is interested in how to improve the implementation of public services.

Veronika smiles into the camera, the background shows a grey concrete wall
Dr Veronika Fikfak
Associate Professor in International Law

Dr Fikfak’s research interests lie in the fields of international law, human rights, and public law.

John wears a navy suit jacket in this professional photo
Dr John Filling
Lecturer (Teaching) in Political Philosophy

Dr Filling's research focuses on political philosophy and post-Kantian philosophy. 

Jared smiles into the camera wearing a grey top and black coat, with a blue background behind him.
Dr Jared J. Finnegan
Lecturer in Public Policy

Dr Finnegan studies climate change and energy politics across the high-income democracies.

Sarah is wearing glasses and a black cardigan.
Dr Sarah Fisher
Research Fellow

Dr Fisher conducts research in the philosophy of mind and language, with a particular focus on linguistic framing and contextual effects on meaning.

Dr Tom Fleming
Lecturer in British and Comparative Politics

Dr Fleming’s research focuses largely on legislative politics, from both a British and comparative perspective.

Melanie smiles at the camera
Dr Melanie Garson
Associate Professor (Teaching) in International Conflict Resolution & International Security

Dr Garson’s research focuses on the impact of new and emerging technologies on international relations and international security, as well as the geopolitics of the internet, tech diplomacy, artificial intelligence, and information disorder.

Thomas smiles into the camera
Dr Thomas Gift
Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of the Centre on US Politics (CUSP)

Dr Gift’s research specialises in comparative politics and political economy, with a focus on US politics, public policy, and applications of survey and experimental methods.

Noga has shoulder-length brown hair and brown eyes, and wears a burgundy top. She is sitting outside on a bench, smiling into the camera.
Dr Noga Glucksam
Lecturer (Teaching) in International Security & Foreign Policy

Dr Glucksam’s current research project, ‘Pathways of Reconciliation’, looks at the conceptions and activities of reconciliation in different post-conflict and peacebuilding contexts, and includes the creation of a new dataset of grassroots reconciliation initiatives from around the world.

Fergus smiles into the camera
Dr Fergus Green
Lecturer in Political Theory & Public Policy

Dr Green’s research traverses political theory, political economy, public policy and law.

Giulia has long brown hair and she is wearing a blouse and jacket. She's sitting in a cafe and smiling to the camera.
Dr Giulia Grillo
Associate Lecturer in International Relations (Teaching) and Deputy Undergraduate Tutor 

Dr Grillo’s research examines peace and conflict, radicalisation processes, and political violence.

Adam is wearing a check shirt and smiles into the camera
Dr Adam Harris
Associate Professor in Development Politics

Dr Harris’s research seeks to challenge the dominant narratives around ethnic voting by investigating how those of mixed ethnic heritage vote, and why some members of a group do not toe the group line, and challenge the assumptions that underline our theories of ethnic voting.

Alexandra Hartman
Dr Alexandra Hartman
Associate Professor in Political Science

Dr Hartman’s research focuses on the political economy of institutions in fragile states.

Friederike smiles into the camera
Friederike Hartz
Research Assistant

Friederike is interested in the evolution and political dynamics underlying loss and damage negotiations at national and international level, in particular regarding non-economic losses of Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

Robert Hazell
Professor Robert Hazell
Professor of Government and the Constitution

Professor Hazell’s research interests cover the whole of the constitutional reform agenda.

Kaleigh Heard
Kaleigh Heard
Lecturer (Teaching) in Human Rights

Kaleigh’s research focuses on ethico-strategic dilemmas in warfare, specifically human security issues of strategic relevance to armed forces, including the protection of civilians, children in armed conflict, and conflict-related sexual violence.

Dr Tim Hicks
Associate Professor in Public Policy

Dr Hicks is currently conducting research in three overlapping areas of study: the politics of austerity and of fiscal policy more generally; the politics of economic inequality; and political economy and the media.

Dan is wearing square framed glasses and a navy suit, and smiles into the camera
Dr Dan Honig
Associate Professor of Public Policy

Dr Honig’s research focuses on the relationship between management practice and organisational structure in delivering welfare-improving services, with a particular focus on the links between citizen voice, bureaucratic motivation, agency autonomy, and performance.

Dr Gerda Hooijer
Lecturer in Comparative Political Economy

Dr Hooijer’s research interests include comparative political economy, comparative social policy, and immigration.

Jeffrey smiles into the camera
Dr Jeffrey Howard
Associate Professor of Political Philosophy and Public Policy

Dr Howard currently directs the UCL Online Speech Project, which produces empirically informed philosophical guidance on how to improve the digital public sphere.

Jennifer Hudson smiling
Professor Jennifer Hudson
Professor of Political Behaviour and Dean of the Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences

Jennifer has published on a wide range of topics analysing elite and mass political behaviour, including public opinion and engagement with development, support for foreign aid, and parliamentary campaigns and elections.

Memta is outside wearing a white blazer and red lipstick, smiling into the camera
Memta Jagtiani
Associate Lecturer (Teaching) in Quantitative Research Methods

Memta’s research examines the associations between social media use, self-esteem and depression among young people, and how gender and family factors such as family structure, parent-child relationship quality and parenting styles influence these associations.

Lisa James
Research Fellow

Lisa is a Research Fellow on the Constitutional Principles and the Health of Democracy project.

Roland Kappe
Dr Roland Kappe
Lecturer in Political Economy

Dr Kappe’s research interests cover several substantive fields, including political economy, comparative politics, public opinion and elections, as well as education and social policy.

Vassillis looks relaxed and wears a white shirt
Mr Vassilis Karokis-Mavrikos
Associate Lecturer (Teaching) in Public Policy

Mr Karokis-Mavrikos' interests centre around policy process dynamics at the national and EU-level, public health, digital governance and crisis management

Beatriz is wearing a bright pink suit and looks towards the camera
Dr Beatriz Kira
Research Fellow in Law & Regulation

Dr Kira’s academic work focuses on the governance of digital technologies, and the regulatory and policy frameworks to supervise the economic power of technology companies, including competition law, trade law, and data protection regulation.

Dr Maki Kimura
Lecturer (Teaching) in Gender and Politics

Dr Kimura’s broad research interests are in the areas of gender and racial equality, and social justice.

Sarabajaya wears glasses and smiles into the camera with a dog by her side
Dr Sarabajaya Kumar
Associate Professor (Teaching) in Voluntary Sector Policy and Leadership

Dr Kumar’s research interests are in accountability, governance, ethical leadership, intersectionality, and equality.

Mortiz smiles into the camera.
Dr Moritz Marbach
Associate Professor in Data Science & Public Policy

Dr Marbach a political methodologist studying how demographic change shapes, and is shaped by, politics in advanced democracies.

Richard stands in front of a green door. He is wearing a suit and tie.
Dr Richard McMahon
Associate Lecturer (Teaching) in EU Politics

My research and publications concentrate on the ways that people think about Europe and nations and how this affects politics.

A black and white photo of Emily. She appears to be outside and is looking to the left
Dr Emily McTernan
Associate Professor in Political Theory

Dr McTernan defends the significance of social norms and social practices within political philosophy.

Saladin looks into the camera and smiles
Dr Saladin Meckled-Garcia
Associate Professor in Human Rights and Political Philosophy

Dr Meckled-Garcia’s research focuses on finding the links between adopting different ethical theories and the upshots that this has for what we do in practice.

Stefano has dark, short curly hair and blue eyes, and a moustache, and wears a light blue shirt. He smiles into the camera.
Stefano Merlo
Associate Lecturer (Teaching) in Politics of Economic Policy

Stefano’s research considers how countries should manage their public debt and inflation if they truly want to be sovereign and democratic, by combining research on macroeconomic governance with democratic theory.

Nils appears calm and looks towards the camera. There are colourful documents on the wall behind him
Dr Nils Metternich
Professor of Political Science

Dr Metternich’s current research interests include authoritarian regimes, protests and civil wars, with a methodological focus on forecasting, spatial econometrics and network analysis.

Neil smiles into the camera
Professor Neil Mitchell
Emeritus Professor of International Relations

Professor Mitchell works on human rights, conflict, issues of leadership and accountability, and the role of non-state actors.

Jon wears a salmon tie and white shirt in this studio photo
Dr Jonathan Monten
Associate Professor in Political Science

Dr Monten’s research interests are in the areas of international relations, international security, and U.S. foreign policy.


Department logo in greyscale
Dr Ali Naghieh
Lecturer (Teaching)

Julie Norman
Dr Julie Norman
Associate Professor (Teaching) in Politics and International Relations

Dr Norman has a diverse research portfolio with interests in conflict, political violence, and divided societies.

Dr Tom O'Grady
Associate Professor

Dr O'Grady’s research focuses on political economy, political behaviour and political parties in the UK and Europe.

Dr Michal Ovádek
Dr Michal Ovádek
Lecturer in European Institutions, Politics and Policy

Dr Ovádek’s research is focused on the interaction of law and politics in the European Union, both in the judicial and the legislative arena.

Dr Marina Cino Pagliarello
Associate Lecturer (Teaching) in Capstones

Dr Pagliarello’s research interests are in public policy, with a keen focus on social policies.

Tom stands outside the department and smiles widely
Dr Tom Pegram
Associate Professor in Global Governance

Dr Pegram’s research interests include the theoretical and empirical study of global politics (international relations (IR)/global governance), global policy implementation, as well as complex system dynamics, with particular expertise in the substantive domains of human rights, climate change and global risk.

denny pencheva
Dr Denny Pencheva
Lecturer (Teaching) in European Public Policy and Politics 

Dr Pencheva’s research interests are within the field of European and British politics, with a particular emphasis on Brexit, migration, labour and welfare policies.

Michael smiles to the camera. There is an open window and greenery behind him
Dr Michael Plouffe
Associate Professor of International Political Economy

Dr Plouffe’s research examines topics that tend to fall within the scope of analytical political economy, with a particular emphasis on the interactions between domestic and international phenomena.

Professor Lauge Poulsen
Professor of International Relations and Law

Professor Poulsen works on the politics of international trade and investment, with a particular focus on international economic law.

Dr Colin Provost
Associate Professor of Public Policy

Dr Provost’s research focuses on regulatory governance and regulatory compliance, with a particular focus on state and federal regulation in the United States.

Professor Claudio Radaelli
Professor of Public Policy

A political scientist specialising in public policy, Professor Radaelli’s research interests include: the policy process of the European Union; the effects of EU policies on the Member States; the roles and usages of expertise, narratives and ideas in public policy and administration; regulatory reform; and regulatory analysis tools.

Aparna smiles into the camera. There is green foliage behind her.
Dr Aparna Ravi
Lecturer (Teaching) in International Political Economy 

Dr Ravi’s research interests are at the intersection of international and comparative political economy, with a focus on foreign direct investment, globalization and business-state relations, development finance, and labour politics.

Alan Reniwck is wearing a pale linen suit, baby blue tie and round horn-framed glasses. He smiles to the camera.
Professor Alan Renwick
Professor of Democratic Politics and Deputy Director of the Constitution Unit

Professor Renwick’s research focuses on the mechanisms through which citizens can engage in formal democratic politics and policy-making, particularly elections, referendums, and citizens’ assemblies.

Professor Meg Russell
Professor of British and Comparative Politics and Director of the Constitution Unit

Professor Russell is responsible for most of the Constitution Unit’s research on the British parliament.

Department logo in greyscale
Dr Behar Sadriu
Lecturer (Teaching) in International Relations and International Public Policy

Dr Sadriu has published on a wide range of topics analysing the international politics of the post-Ottoman world and international relations theories, including debates on security, identity and foreign policy.

JP smiles into the camera
Dr J-P Salter
Associate Professor (Teaching) in Public Policy

Dr Salter’s main research interests are in regulatory politics, with two overlapping strands.

Luis Schenoni
Dr Luis Schenoni
Lecturer in International Relations

Dr Schenoni’s research explores the determinants of international conflict and its effects on the dynamics of state formation, with a particular focus on Latin America.

Daniel stands in front of a big hedge and grins
Dr Daniel Schulte
Associate Lecturer in Qualitative Methods

Dr Schulte's interests include morality policy, human rights, authoritarianism, nationalism, and political methodology, with a regional focus on Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Christian Schuster stands against a blue background. He is tall, slim, wearing glasses and a navy suit, and smiles
Professor Christian Schuster
Professor in Public Management

Professor Schuster’s current and recent research projects are on people analytics and people management in government.

Andrew is wearing a navy blue jumper and smiling at the camera.
Dr Andrew Scott
Lecturer (Teaching) in Public Policy

Dr Scott is primarily interested in energy and environmental policy, particularly regarding the oil and gas industry.

Dr Seiferling stands in front of Victoria Falls and points to towards the waterfall
Dr Mike Seiferling
Lecturer in Public Finance

Dr Seiferling’s research is focused on the links between macroeconomics, finance, accounting, and political science.

Ruxandra stares into the camera
Dr Ruxandra Serban
Associate Lecturer (Teaching) in Democratic and Authoritarian Politics

Dr Serban's work involves developing creative mixed-methods research designs to explore questions related to democratic accountability processes and procedures, particularly in connection to parliaments.

Dr Judith Spirig
Lecturer in Political Science

In her research, Dr Spirig seeks to find answers to questions about the determinants and consequences of exclusionary attitudes (in particular immigration attitudes) and judicial behaviour by leveraging in-depth case knowledge and quasi-experimental research designs.

Marc wears glasses and a suit and smiles into the camera
Professor Marc Stears
Director of UCL Policy Lab and Professor of Political Science

Professor Stears is an internationally regarded academic, political strategist, speechwriter and executive educator, who specialises in creating dynamic collaborations between academic researchers and broader society.

Dr Sherrill Stroschein
Reader in Politics 

Dr Stroschein’s research examines the dynamics of ethnic or religious identity in politics, in democratic states as well as democratising states or hybrid regimes.

Bugra Susler
Dr Bugra Susler
Lecturer (Teaching) in International Organisations and International Conflict and Cooperation

Dr Susler’s research areas include foreign policy analysis, emerging powers, and international conflict and cooperation.

Adam Swift
Professor Adam Swift
Professor of Political Theory/Political Philosophy

After early work on the communitarian critique of liberalism, Professor Swift’s interest in combining political theory with empirical social science led to a project interrogating social mobility data, and people’s beliefs about social justice, from a normative perspective.

Lisa smiles into the camera
Professor Lisa Vanhala
Professor of Political Science

Professor Vanhala is interested in the politics of climate change and the socio-legal study of human rights and equality issues.

Dr Manuel Vogt
Associate Professor

Dr Vogt’s research and teaching interests stand at the intersection of international relations and comparative politics, with a particular focus on non-state actors and contentious politics in developing countries.

Albert Weale
Professor Albert Weale
Emeritus Professor of Political Theory and Public Policy

Professor Weale’s most recent book, Modern Social Contract Theory, explores the variety of forms modern social contract theory has taken.

Dr John Wilesmith
Lecturer (Teaching) in Political Theory

Dr Wilesmith’s main areas of interest are social justice, egalitarianism, liberalism, analytic methods, and applied issues of economic ownership and control.

Dr Eleanor Woodhouse
Lecturer in Public Policy

Dr Woodhouse’s research spans comparative politics, public administration and public policy. I aim to better understand how agency relations function in modern governance.

Kalina wears a pink top and black blazer and smiles into the camera
Dr Kalina Zhekova
Lecturer (Teaching) in Political Science

Dr Zhekova’s current research focuses on Russian foreign policy and military interventions in the post-Soviet space and the Middle East, and Russian collective (mis-)conceptions of state sovereignty and relations with the West.

Postgraduate Teaching Assistants

Antonis Ragkousis
Senior Postgraduate Teaching Assistant

Email: a.ragkousis@ucl.ac.uk

Winnie Xia
Senior Postgraduate Teaching Assistant
Email: winnie.xia@ucl.ac.uk