Department of Political Science


Dr Sarabajaya Kumar

Associate Professor (Teaching) in Voluntary Sector Policy and Leadership
Email: sarabajaya.kumar@ucl.ac.uk 



Dr. Sarabajaya Kumar joined the UCL School of Public Policy in January 2010. She is currently a part -time Lecturer (Teaching) in Voluntary Sector Policy and Leadership. She holds post graduate degrees - an MSc and PhD - in Public Policy and Management and an interdisciplinary undergraduate degree in Sociology and Religion.

Sarabajaya previously held a number of Fellowship and Faculty roles at the London School of Economics and Political Science, the University of Oxford and The Open University. 
Her research interests are in Accountability, Governance, Ethical Leadership, Intersectionality and Equality. She currently is co-principal investigator for two research projects, one funded by UCL’s Global Engagement Office with Professor Yamamoto at Osaka University and Associate Professor Rode at UCL’s Institute of Education; and the other, funded by the Association of Disabled Professionals, with Associate Professor Colin Provost at the School of Public Policy.
Sarabajaya has her own research consultancy and is an equalities adviser to the Bar Standards Board.

In addition, she is active in civil society and has founded and cofounded a number of non profit organisations over the past thirty years. Sarabajaya is currently a member of the Women’s Budget Group Policy Advisory Committee and has just been elected to the board of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO). Sarabajaya is contesting the 2021 GLA election as a member of the Women’s Equality Party and has been selected as one of the first eleven women to be supported by the Activate Collective.

Supervision Topics:

•    Governance 
•    Partnerships between the public and not for profit sectors 
•    Accountability 
•    Corporate Social Responsibility 
•    Social Entrepreneurship 
•    State-Voluntary Sector Relationships 
•    Voluntary Sector Concepts Theory and Policy 
•    Voluntary Organisation Management 
•    Social Movements 
•    Social Capital


Sarabajaya is well versed in qualitative methods.