Department of Political Science



We aim to conduct high-quality research with public impact. Our innovative and rigorous research, organised into the nine clusters linked below, covers the breadth of the discipline of political science and influences policymaking both nationally and internationally. It is supported by leading funders, including the Economic and Social Research Council, the European Research Council and the British Academy. Its quality was recognised by our very high performance in the 2021 Research Excellence Framework.

Centre on US Politics


Founded in 2020, the Centre on US Politics (CUSP) at UCL is a leading hub in the UK for research and external engagement on issues related to US politics and policy.

Climate Politics

A group of people protesting. A young man with a bandanna covering his face is in the foreground

Conducting timely, rigorous and independent research on political aspects of climate change and environmental issues.

Comparative Politics

comparative politics

The Comparative, Political Economy and Behaviour group studies similarities and differences of domestic political institutions, particularly on a cross-national level.

Conflict and Change

conflict and change

This group pursues systematic analysis of policy-relevant questions and conducts leading research on the causes, dynamics, and consequences of conflicts.

The Constitution Unit

constitution unit

The Constitution Unit conducts timely, rigorous, independent research into constitutional change and the reform of political institutions. 

European Politics

european politics

This group addresses key empirical puzzles from a theoretical perspective and produces original research on pressing normative questions.

Global Governance


The Global Governance Institute undertakes cross-disciplinary study of crucial governance ‘deficits’ in order to explore the issue.

Human Rights

human rights

This group engages in cutting-edge research addressing the relationship between practice, theory and empirical analysis of human rights standards.

Migration Cluster

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The Migration Cluster fosters exchange and facilitates collaboration in the area of migration research. 

Political Theory

political theory

Through their work, the Political Theory cluster aims to make progress in major scholarly debates while grappling with challenging moral questions.

Public Policy

public policy

The Public Policy cluster has expertise in European public policy, social policy, public management, public finance and regulation. 

UCL Centre for the Pedagogy of Politics

The letters C, P and P appear on colour block squares

A centre for research, discussion and engagement on the pedagogy of politics. Our aim is to develop and support research on how and what we teach, when we teach politics.