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Memta Jagtiani

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Associate Lecturer (Teaching) in Quantitative Research Methods
Email: memta.jagtiani.15@ucl.ac.uk



Hailing from Singapore, I committed myself to pursuing a PhD in Social Media and Mental Health at UCL, employing data science methodologies. I obtained a First Class Honours in BSc Population Health at UCL and was also a Faculty Medal Winner and Best Dissertation Award Winner.

I have more than eight years of experience in statistical data analysis, data mining, statistical modelling (including causal inference methods), programming languages (R and STATA) and data visualisations. I am skilled at teaching data analysis in R and STATA at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Outside of academia, I am a certified Digital Wellness Educator from the Digital Wellness Institute in the USA. I am also a passionate Latin dancer. My team clinched third place in Advanced Bachata in the National Latin Dance Competition in 2022. Lastly, I am enthusiastic about global volunteering for children and have taught English to young students in rural Thailand.


I recently completed my PhD titled ‘#StateOfMind: The Relationship between Social Media Use, Gender, and Family Life, with Mental Health and Well-being – Longitudinal Evidence from Young People in the UK and South Korea’.

My research examined the associations between social media use, self-esteem and depression among young people, and how gender and family factors such as family structure, parent-child relationship quality and parenting styles influence these associations. I utilised panel and longitudinal data containing 7,412 and 2,251 young people from the UK Household Longitudinal Study and Korean Children and Youth Panel Study, respectively. I applied comprehensive analytical techniques such as hierarchical linear modelling, data visualisation, multiple imputation and dataset harmonisation, and accounted for complex survey designs in STATA. I have presented my research at annual conferences for the Society for Longitudinal and Lifecourse Studies and the British Society for Population Studies in 2021.


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Within the Department of Political Science, I teach on the modules ‘Quantitative Research Methods in R’ (undergradiate and postgraduate) and ‘Data Analysis in R’ (undergraduate). I am also a first marker for ‘Quantitative Research Methods in R’ (postgraduate).

I also teach in the UCL Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, where I have taught on the modules ‘Basic Statistics for Medical Sciences in STATA’, ‘Research Methods in Population Health’ and ‘Epidemiological Transition’.

I also offer private tuition where I teach coding, data analysis and data management skills to a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate students undertaking various projects.