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Dr Michael Plouffe

Associate Professor of International Political Economy
G.04, 29-31 Tavistock Square
Tel: 020 3108 9273 (ext. 59273)
Email: michael.plouffe@ucl.ac.uk



I am Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in International Political Economy, and joined UCL in 2013 after receiving my PhD from the University of California, San Diego. My research investigates the interactions between private actors, institutions, and the global economy. I serve as Deputy Director for the BSc Politics, Philosophy and Economics programme and previously held the roles of Departmental (Undergraduate) Tutor and Director of the Affiliate Programme in Political Science and International Relations from 2015 to 2018.


My research examines topics that tend to fall within the scope of analytical political economy, with a particular emphasis on the interactions between domestic and international phenomena. Substantively, topics of interest include issues relating to trade policy, monetary policy, institutional quality, and the internationalization of production. Geographically, much of my work is international in scope, but I also tend to focus on East Asia and the United States. Additional information about ongoing research projects can be found on my website.

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I currently teach International Political Economy (POLS0043) and Political Economy of East Asia (POLS0094), at undergraduate level. I also supervise dissertations for BSc and MSc students within the department. In previous years, I taught International Political Economy (PUBL0050) and International Trade Policy (PUBL0060).

I welcome PhD applicants whose proposals substantively align with my research and which employ suitable empirical analytical techniques. More information is available on my website.