Department of Political Science


Dr Alexandra Hartman

Associate Professor of Political Science
2.05, 36-38 Gordon Sq.
Email: alexandra.hartman@ucl.ac.uk



Dr Hartman is an Associate Professor in Political Science. She joined the Department in 2016. She studied Political Science (MA, PhD) at Yale University, and International Relations (BA) at Brown University. She is a member of Evidence in Governance and Politics (EGAP), Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) and the Land Politics Working Group (joint with LSE).


Dr Hartman's research focuses on the political economy of institutions in fragile states. Her work uses a range of research designs and data collection strategies, including large-scale randomised control trials, surveys, and in-depth interviews and observation.  Her current projects encompass three main themes.

First, she studies how changing property rights institutions shape politics, including dispute resolution, and economic outcomes, such as the exploitation of natural resources, in Liberia.

Second, Dr Hartman explores how economic policies shape intrahousehold politics.  She has two ongoing projects in Myanmar and Côte d’Ivoire that examine changing access to women’s property rights and changes in political, social and economic dynamics within households.

Finally, Dr Hartman also studies the politics of forced displacement, including the institutional and individual factors that shape decision-making during humanitarian crises using microlevel data from West Africa and the Middle East.

  • “Engineering Informal Institutions: Long Run Impacts of Alternative Dispute Resolution on Violence and Property Rights in Liberia” Journal of Politics. With Christopher Blattman and Robert Blair.
  • “Wartime Violence, Empathy, and Altruism: Evidence from the Ivorian Refugee Crisis in Liberia” British Journal of Political Science (2018): 1-25. With Benjamin Morse.(PDF)
  • “Predicting Local-level Violence” Journal of Peace Research 52:4 (2017): 298-312. With Robert Blair and Christopher Blattman. (PDF)
  • “How to Promote Order and Property Rights under Weak Rule of Law? An Experiment in Changing Dispute Resolution Behavior through Community Education” American Political Science Review 108(1) (2014): 100-120. With Christopher Blattman and Robert Blair. (PDF)
  • I teach modules at the undergraduate and postgraduate level on research methods, fieldwork and the political economy of migration. 
  • I supervise PhD students studying forced displacement, property rights, experiments, and intra-household bargaining.