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Dr Noga Glucksam

Noga has shoulder-length brown hair and brown eyes, and wears a burgundy top. She is sitting outside on a bench, smiling into the camera.
Associate Lecturer (Teaching) in International Relations and Political Sociology
Room: 3.07, 29/30 Tavistock Square
Email: n.glucksam@ucl.ac.uk


I am a lecturer of international relations, with a broad interest in the intersection of sociology, politics and law, and how they influence cooperation and conflict between and within societies. I am interested in policies and activism of peacebuilding and conflict resolution, and how questions of justice are resolved in societies after mass violence.

I received a PhD in International Studies in 2017 from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London, where I studied the contestations of memory, accountability and reconciliation in transitional justice processes. My work has been published in peer reviewed journals, such as Civil Wars and the Journal for Peace and Justice Studies, and presented at various international conferences.

I strive to incorporate mindfulness and empathy in my academic work, and explore ways to transform how we think about justice and human rights from an agenda of righteousness to a compassionate and constructive engagement. 


My current research project, ‘Pathways of Reconciliation’, looks at the conceptions and activities of reconciliation in different post-conflict and peacebuilding contexts, and includes the creation of a new dataset of grassroots reconciliation initiatives from around the world. The project applies qualitative data analysis and critical discourse analysis to map the field of reconciliation activism and grassroots initiatives, and unlocks possibilities for diverse and collaborative case study research, theory building, and policy development.

Additionally, I have work that explores areas of conceptual ambiguity and dissonance in international human rights law, and how they affect the contestation of justice and political victimhood. 

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My teaching covers a range of topics related to conflict and post-conflict studies, public international law, human rights in domestic and international contexts, and international relations.

Additionally, I offer support and supervision to undergraduate and postgraduate students writing dissertations on a range of topics within my field, with a special focus on qualitative methods and critical approaches.