Department of Political Science


Dr Tim Hicks

Associate Professor in Public Policy
3.06, 36-38 Gordon Sq.
Tel: 020 3108 9582 (x59582)
Email: t.hicks@ucl.ac.uk

I am an Associate Professor in Public Policy. Between January 2011 and June 2014, I was an Ussher Assistant Professor of Political Economy at the Department of Political Science at Trinity College, Dublin.

Before moving to Dublin, I was a doctoral (DPhil) student in Politics at Nuffield College, Oxford. During the spring semester of 2009, I was also a visiting student at Yale’s Department of Political Science.

I study a range of issues falling within comparative politics, public policy, and comparative political economy, where my focus is on industrialised democracies.


I am currently conducting research in three overlapping areas of study:

  1. The politics of austerity and of fiscal policy more generally.
  2. The politics of economic inequality.
  3. Political economy and the media.
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I currently teach the core “Introduction to Politics” module for first-year PPE students (together with Adam Swift). More details can be found here.

If you are thinking of applying for a PhD in Political Science at UCL, then please do contact me if you plan to work in areas that overlap with my own research interests. Most broadly, I would be willing to supervise projects focused on comparative political economy in advanced industrialized democracies.