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Dr Sherrill Stroschein

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Reader in Politics 
Room: 2.10, 29/30 Tavistock Square
Email: s.stroschein@ucl.ac.uk
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I joined UCL in 2005 as Programme Coordinator of the MSc in Democracy and Comparative Politics. I was previously an Academy Scholar at the Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies (2003-2005) and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at Ohio University (2001-2005). I have also been a fellow at the Institute on Race and Social Division at Boston University (2000-2001). I received my PhD from Columbia University in 2000, and my primary supervisor was the late Dr Charles Tilly. I received my undergraduate degree magna cum laude from Amherst College.

I am an Associate Editor of the journal Problems of Post-Communism, and an Advisory Board member for the Association for the Study of Nationalities.


My research examines the dynamics of ethnic or religious identity in politics, in democratic states as well as democratising states or hybrid regimes. I am currently especially interested in states where democratic structures are incrementally replaced with more authoritarian control or patronal rule. I have published articles in Perspectives on PoliticsParty PoliticsNations and NationalismEurope-Asia Studies, and Ethnopolitics, as well as other journals.

I am finishing a book manuscript on the entrenchment of party control across a state. The book focuses on ethnic enclaves, as spaces of potential resistance or co-optation into these structures of control. I examine trajectories of city council elections in ethnic enclave cities, to trace shifting lines of party control over time – and their implications for central-local power interactions. The research focuses on Albanian enclave cites in North Macedonia and Hungarian enclave cities in Serbia, Romania, and Slovakia. Fieldwork for the project was supported by the Independent Social Research Foundation (ISRF).

My first book Ethnic Struggle, Coexistence, and Democratization in Eastern Europe, received honourable mentions from 1) the International Studies Association, section on Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Migration Studies, Distinguished Book Award, and 2) the Joseph Rothschild Book Prize, Association for the Study of Nationalities. The book examines how contention helped forge common rules and institutions during the democratic transition in the ethnically-mixed states of Romania, Slovakia, and (Western) Ukraine.

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I designed and usually teach the two core modules for the MSc in Democracy and Comparative Politics: ‘Democracy and Constitutional Design’ which I teach with Phillip Ayoub, and ‘Democratic Political Institutions’. I also designed the course on ‘Governing Divided Societies’, which I teach with Dr Sarah Correia.

I am especially interested in supervising PhD students working on topics of ethnic party politics, local politics, and potentially projects on populism, hybrid regimes, or democratic backsliding.