Department of Political Science


Winnie Xia

Winnie wears a blue shirt smiles into the camera
Senior Postgraduate Teaching Assistant
Email: winnie.xia@ucl.ac.uk


I joined UCL as a Senior Postgraduate Teaching Assistant in 2021. I am also a PhD candidate in the Department of Government, University of Essex. I completed my MSc in Security Studies at UCL in 2019, and I completed another MSc in Ethnicity and Multiculturalism at University of Bristol in 2016. I worked as a Research Associate at the Diplomatic Protocol Services Centre, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, between 2016 and 2018.


My research focuses on the forms of violence in nonviolent campaigns and how the challenges of nonviolent activism could be navigated to progress. In particular, I am interested in women’s activism, environmental protests and diaspora campaigns. My PhD project is about explaining violence in protest events. I study these questions applying quantitative methods on observational, spatial, and text data.


I teach multiple modules in data science and conflict & international relations at UCL, University of Essex and Essex Summer School.