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Dr Amanda Hall

Amanda Hall
Senior Post Graduate Teaching Assistant



I joined UCL in autumn 2020 after completing my PhD in International Relations at the University of St Andrews. I also hold an MA in Politics from Queen's University Belfast and a BA in American Studies from Yale University.


My research investigates the quality of peace in Northern Ireland after the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, with a particular focus on the 'inter-referendum' years of 1998-2016 - from 1998 to the Brexit vote. I examine the relationship between the 'opportunity for a new beginning' imagined in peace negotiations and the division, animosity, and threat of violence that have characterised much of the period since. This is investigated across three levels of society: government responses, the role of the third sector, and the development of a culture war based on individual and collective identity. My research has been published in Irish Political Studies and the #Agreement20 Open Library of Humanities project, as well as through several online platforms. I am currently working on my first academic monograph, 'Beyond the Agreement: The Strained Peace of Inter-referendum Northern Ireland (1998-2016)'.


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

  • Hall, A. 2019. ‘Peace at Any Cost? The Necessity of the On the Runs Scheme to the Endurance of Peace in Northern Ireland’. Irish Political Studies 34(3), p. 357-378. https://doi.org/10.1080/07907184.2018.1447927
  • Hall, A. 2018. ‘Incomplete Peace and Social Stagnation: Shortcomings of the Good Friday Agreement’. Open Library of Humanities 4(2), p. 7. http://doi.org/10.16995/olh.251

Online Publications


I contribute to teaching on:

  • POLS0001: International Conflict Cooperation
  • POLS0077: Political Violence.