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Dr Denny Pencheva

denny pencheva
Lecturer (Teaching) in European Politics and Public Policy
Email: d.pencheva@ucl.ac.uk



I joined UCL in 2020 after completing my PhD (Politics) at the University of Bristol in 2019, where I taught and convened core and elective modules in political science and social policy. I am also the Graduate Dissertation Tutor and the Deputy Graduate Tutor for the Department of Political Science.


My research interests are within the field of European and British politics, with a particular emphasis on Brexit, migration, labour and welfare policies. My research has explored historical and contemporary aspects of European integration, as well as the growing political and economic interdependencies in the aftermath of the three rounds of Eastern EU enlargement, the political communication of the Remain and Leave campaigns, Brexit and neoliberalism, and the significance of EU migration for UK political parties and policy making. In terms of regional expertise, my work is focused on the UK, the EU, Scandinavia, and Eastern Europe/the Balkans.

I am also interested in advancing the role of qualitative social science methods in interdisciplinary research. Over the past two years, I have collaborated with The Cyber Security Group (Uni Bristol) on projects related to cyber security education and online identities in the Darknet.



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